Nudity, Vomit, and Porta Potties: Music Festival Horror Stories

"You tend to just have roaming packs of naked people. I've definitely had some uninvited naked hugs." Yes, going to a music festival can present its own awkward surprises. We asked many of the 10,000 or so attendees at the Village Voice's 4Knots Music Festival on Saturday, July 12 to share their festival horror stories, which include porta potty nightmares, backpack theft, nudity and ... peeing on a pizza. Do you have a story that tops this one?

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Watch Marnie Stern and Marnie the Dog Talk Sex Stuff With Mac DeMarco

Here we have musician Marnie Stern interviewing fellow guitarist Mac DeMarco --- holding Instagram-famous Marnie the Dog -- on Saturday, July 12 at the 4Knots Music Festival, while Dinosaur Jr. plays on in the background. Things get a little lewd as Mac shares his childhood memories and his band's pre-show "edging" techniques.

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4Knots Music Festival: Fun for the Whole Family

Photos Gili Malinsky
South Street Seaport was bustling this Saturday for 4Knots. Young people, old people, and families weaving through its colorful food trucks and tents and stopping by the small and main stages to check out the festival's musical offerings. Throughout the day, the throngs of people grew, music lovers lining up, sweaty under the beaming sun, to see their favorite bands. As an all-ages show, among the festival's many attendants, of course, were children, holding on to parents' hands. Why bring kids to a festival, beside the fact that you literally can't buy this level of entertainment for the family more cheaply anywhere in the city (for real, it's free)? We stopped a few parents and grandparents to ask what the selling point was for them.

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Juan Wauters and Viet Cong Stand Out at 4Knots Music Festival

All photos Rob Menzer
Everyone who played 4Knots Music Festival Saturday was, if we do say so ourselves, pretty damn great. There were a couple stand-out highlights, though. Let's get into 'em.

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Photos: The Bands of 4Knots 2014 (Dinosaur Jr., Mac DeMarco, Those Darlins and More)

All photos by Rob Menzer for the Village Voice
4Knots, the Village Voice's free one-day music festival at the South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan, again went down on Saturday, July 12.

On the bill this year: Dinosaur Jr., Mac DeMarco, Those Darlins, Speedy Ortiz, Radkey, Viet Cong, Nude Beach, Juan Wauters, Crazy Pills and Dead Stars. Here are photos of all the bands, in case you showed up late or were in line for beer, or texting. Enjoy!

(Photos by Rob Menzer for the Village Voice)

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Overheard at 4Knots Music Festival

Photos Nate "Igor" Smith
If you were at 4Knots, you already know first hand that the festival brings out the hippest, chillest, most attractive New Yorkers to South Street Seaport -- but did you know that it also attracts some of the funniest folks around? Here are the best things we were lucky enough to overhear at 4Knots this year. Keep talking!

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The Tweets of 4Knots Music Festival

Photos Nate "Igor" Smith
Saturday at the South Street Seaport and 4Knots Music Festival was magical. The sun was shining, Marnie the Dog's tongue was out, and Dinosaur Jr. damaged the hearing of everyone in attendance a tiny bit. Thanks for coming out and having a good time with us. And thanks for tweeting about your super happy funtimes at #4Knots. Here's what you had to say...

See also: The 2014 4Knots Music Festival in Photos

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Your 4Knots Music Festival 2014 Set Times

Hey Gang! Above you can see what time everyone is playing today down at the ole South Street Seaport. One note: Beijing's Re-TROS had passport issues and couldn't get into the States. The also-very-good Crazy Pills have taken their place.

It's a lovely day and we've worked very hard to make it very pretty down at the Seaport for you. Everything kicks off at 1 p.m. and goes until 8. There's beer and food and phone charging stations. The Peking ship is prime selfie real estate. Come on down, won't you? Once again, it's FREE and all ages are welcome. See you there!

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Your Official Village Voice 4Knots Music Festival Map!

The weather Saturday is going to be gorgeous -- high in the low 80s and sunny -- and we can't wait to see all of you out at the South Street Seaport, where we'll be hanging with our good friends Dinosaur Jr., Mac DeMarco, Those Darlins, Speedy Ortiz, Radkey and many, many more. If you've not been down to the Pier in a bit, you might notice some changes this year. Namely, Pier 17 isn't there anymore. So we've moved the second stage to a new location and made some other pertinent changes you can familiarize yourself with by looking at the very handy map below. It'll show you where the VIP boat is, where the stages are, where the food trucks will be, where to charge your phone, etc.

Also, there are still a limited number of tickets available to our Official 4Knots After Party featuring Ab-Soul, Jarren Benton, and YC the Cynic. You can purchase tickets here with the code VOICE for a discount.

But wait! There's more!

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Mac DeMarco Brings His Sun-Soaked Slacker Vibe to 4Knots Music Festival

Danny Cohen
Smokin': Mac DeMarco
Between the release of his excellent new album, Salad Days, enormous, magazine-style pieces from sites like Pitchfork and Wondering Sound, and videos of him interviewing other indie music stars, Mac DeMarco has begun to develop a well-defined public persona. He's become the irreverent goofball (the word "goofball" never fails to make an appearance in his press) whose pranks and pratfalls help him to both justify and obscure the depth, soul, and hard work that he pours into his music.

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