Village Voice 4Knots Music Festival Returns to South Street Seaport July 12!

Photo: Laura June Kirsch
Oh hello there! We are very excited to announce that our fourth annual 4Knots Music Festival will be held on Saturday, July 12th from 1- 8 p.m. at the South Street Seaport, rain or shine. Manhattan's favorite summer music festival will return with 10 + bands hand-picked by our music department. As you well know, the festival is FREE, ALL AGES, and OUTDOORS. It's our 14th year curating this type of fest, and as always, it'll feature only the most renowned and emerging music artists burning up your Tumblrs and Twitters and such. It's going to be a blast, and much like last year, the festival will feature two stages -- located on Pier 16, alongside the iconic New York City landmark Peking VIP Ship and near Pier 17 within the See/Change space at Fulton @ Front Street. This will expand this year's festival northwest and onto the iconic cobblestone streets near the former Fulton Market.


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Why it seems like only yesterday we were all basking in the glorious rays of the sun on a badass ship down at the South Street Seaport, sucking down Bud Light Limes and hot dogs from Los Perros Locos at this year's EXTREMELY SUPER HAPPY FUN 4Knots Music Festival. Oh, how we wish we had something to remember it all by. A shirt, maybe.

Oh, wait. There is! We have 4Knots Music Festival merch available at our 4Knots Store. And right now, we're offering an exclusive $5 off deal for everything 4Knots related. Just go here, and plug in the code SOTC at checkout to save the money. Very simple.
Very fun. Now you have a cool shirt or tote. We'd say this is the best day ever, but that would be 4Knots itself. Watch the video below for definitive proof. You might see yourself.

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Overheard at 4Knots Music Festival

Rachell Morillo
Music festivals are great days to hear some wonderfully absurd and life-altering shit, and 4Knots was no exception. But we're not talking about music, we're talking about you. The most vibrant of verbal characters came out loud and proud (but mostly really, really loud) this weekend to drop lots of language gems on the world. Here are some that we were lucky enough to catch in our satchel.

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A 4Knots Music Festival Video Recap

This year for 4Knots we teamed up with our good buddies at KarmaloopTV to shoot what is known in the industry as "High Quality Video." The KLTV team humped around the Seaport with their gear all day and interviewed acts for us. In exchange, we agreed to rub their feet afterward. Pretty fair deal, all in all. Those longer interviews are coming later this week, but in the meantime, here's a short recap teaser of their day at 4Knots. In it, Kurt Vile gives his best guess as to what 4Knots means, Fat Tony shouts out the Village Voice and a couple of our sister papers, and Parquet Courts tell the unlikely but completely true origin story about how they came to move to Brooklyn and become a "douchey hipster band."

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The GoPro 4Knots VIP Boat Experience (VIDEO)

My boss made me wear a GoPro all day at 4Knots Music Festival to capture all the musical-beautiful-craziness. It cut off circulation to my brain. But he also gave me a press pass to access the VIP Peking Ship! There was free alcohol on that thing, so that also affected circulation to my brain. But it was AWESOME. So this video is dedicated to everyone curious about what was going on aboard the Peking (mostly just people pointing and laughing and drinking). AHOY, MATEY! And shout out to 4Knots 2013 favorites White Lung for letting us feature their song, Take The Mirror!

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All Seven Hours of 4Knots Music Festival Condensed to Four Minutes (VIDEO)

One-day concert festivals are great for lots of reasons--it's just the right amount of bands performing with set times that don't completely overlap, the weather only gets one chance to fuck things up, and it's a lot less likely you'll wake up afterwards wondering how you're still alive now that your blood is made of beer. In my case, the best perk of a one-day festival is only hearing people exclaim "OH MY GOD IS THAT A CAMERA ON YOUR HEAD?" for seven hours instead of 24. But I can't lie--walking (and running and crawling and falling...) around 4Knots with a GoPro was pretty damn fun. If you couldn't make it down to the Seaport Saturday, just watch the video I made below! The soundtrack is Kurt Vile and the Violators' "Freak Train."

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Funniest Lil B 4Knots After Party Moments (VIDEO)


This year, the SOLD OUT 4Knots Music Festival after party was headlined by none other than (Based) God. As expected, Lil B and his apostles did not disappoint when it came to bringing the noise, and brought a total lack of regard for normal human conduct to the Music Hall of Williamsburg, rushing the stage in droves and appropriately worshipping at the altar of their King. Check out the three funniest moments I caught on my iPhone.

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White Lung - 4Knots Music Festival - 6/29/13

Better Than: Coming in second in a screaming contest with Mish Way.

White Lung isn't for the faint of heart or anyone with tender eardrums, and the mosh pits that opened up over the course of their 4Knots set were the physical incarnation of the kind of uncageable enthusiasm they inspire. Yeah, most of the bands at 4Knots were proudly loud and the reverb could be heard bouncing off the brick and beams of the Brooklyn Bridge and well across the water on the other side of the East River. But White Lung tapped into something that made the ebbing crowd at the South Street Seaport get as close as they could, and by the time "Take the Mirror" swelled and roared up through Mish's throat and the amps and drum kit alongside her, the electricity in the air seeped its way into the limbs of every concert goer and compelled them to fight back--or, more appropriately, with--the song's fast-as-a-hummingbird heartbeat.

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Fat Tony - 4Knots Music Festival - 6/29/13

Emily Tan
Better Than: Getting kicked off of the stage during Lil B's set.

At 2:30pm on the Pier 16 Stage, the sun was blazing and Fat Tony had to hold down the fort as the only hip-hop act at this year's 4Knots, standing alone amongst a swarm of punk bands and guitar heroes. Rather than make unnecessary efforts to either fit in or become excessively different from the rest, the Houston-bred rapper did what his most debut album and hat suggested by being completely uniquely himself--a "smart ass black boy."

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White Lung, Heliotropes, and Hunters Bolt from the Basement and into the Sun at 4Knots

All photos Rachell Morillo
As bands that thrive in the dank, dark recesses of basements across the country, you'd think White Lung, Heliotropes and Hunters, in particular, would be a bit out of their element playing a major pedestrian intersection on a pier at the South Street Seaport. Kate Spade shopping bags and terrified, Citibike-helming tourists aren't so commonplace at DIY venues; the ear-splitting enfilade and stage antics that go along with the sounds we hold so dear from these bands weren't crafted in broad daylight, but perfected one string-shredding, amp-blowing show at a time. 4Knots brought these bands together for an afternoon, gave them two stages and a Nantucket Reds-sporting crowd to play for and showed us all that context isn't everything, and that, if anything, a change in scenery makes you revisit exactly why these songs are so addictive and fun to mosh to--even if the mosh pit's got a few beach balls bouncing around it.

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