Live-Blogging The 2011 American Music Awards: We Could Have Had It All (But Then Adele Had To Go Have A Vocal Cord Hemorrhage)

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Justin Bieber at last year's American Music Awards.
Welcome to Sound of the City's liveblog of the 2011 American Music Awards, the annual salute to the most popular popular music that exists in the American wild this year. While Lady Gaga and Adele and BeyoncĂ© are absent, this year's show apparently has one performance that will cost $500,000 to pull off, as well as a David Guetta/Nicki Minaj outing that is heavy—heavy in the weight sense, not in the "societal import" sense because c'mon we're talking about King Of Eurogloss David Guetta here—and appearances by Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Katy (sigh) Perry, Kelly Clarkson, and other notables from the Hot 100. Come join us for the next three hours, won't you?

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The American Music Awards Nominations: Hey, Did You Know Adele Sold A Lot Of Albums This Year?

Have you bought your copy yet? (Give it time.)
You can have your Grammys and your Mercury Prizes and your Polaris Prizes and whatever other musical prizes honor things like "talent" and "artistry"—the most honest awards show in pop music, though, is undoubtedly the American Music Awards, the annual exercise in silliness that figures out its nominee pool via metrics like sales and "social-networking activity" and calls each category "Favorite" instead of "Best" and puts its weight behind that claim by throwing open the voting process to the unwashed texting masses. Which is why last year Justin Bieber took home a lot of hardware, and why this year he probably has the Favorite Male Pop Or Rock Artist award on lock as well. (If only the show's producers had determined the evening's performers this way—we'd have all been spared Gavin Rossdale's horrifying attempt to channel Marc Bolan while Carlos Santana noodled beside him.) This year's nominees were announced this morning, and it probably shouldn't be too surprising that Adele is dominant, what with her being the record-sales-related story of 2k11 and all. Full list of nominees after the jump. Note that the New Artist award has a couple of nice left-field nominees (Miguel, Marsha Ambrosius), although there's no way LMFAO doesn't shuffle off with the prize.

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Carlos Santana Needs To Be Stopped

carlos santana guitar classics.jpg
If you happened to watch last night's American Music Awards, well, I'm very sorry. If you didn't, our good friend Maura provides an in-depth live-blog summary over at the Awl, but here's the gist: Justin Bieber reigned supreme, Katy Perry wandered so far off key she made Taylor Swift sound like Pavarotti, Bon Jovi look hella old, Nicki Minaj interrupted the announcement of Rihanna's Best Soul/R&B Female Artist award to pimp Pink Friday (out today! brace yourselves!), and CARLOS SANTANA AND GAVIN ROSSDALE MURDERED "BANG A GONG" LIVE ONSTAGE.

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