Live: At Westway, Three 6 Mafia Turn a Former Strip Club Into a Fight Club

Three 6 Mafia
Thursday, September 6

Better than: Waiting in line outside of Supreme.

There was a problem. Three 6 Mafia couldn't get to the stage; 50 people blocked their way, a fire hazard if there ever was one. A man got on the microphone. "Ladies and gentlemen, please clear a path. Please cooperate, or else there won't be a show." No one moved; no one could. Fifteen minutes passed; everything felt hot. Oxygen hid. A guy standing across the stage muttered, "They should just plow through. This is so wack and not punk rock." Four feet away, a girl yelled back in agreement. Ten minutes later, there was progress. Now only one man—wearing a Yankees hat—stood in the way, unable to find standing room while already standing in the room. The host got back on the microphone: "You're fucking the show up for everybody, and most importantly, you're fucking it up for Supreme. If you respect the brand, respect the instructions." A fight broke out; the Yankee got pushed far enough so that Three 6 Mafia could now squeeze by. Right on time, 30 minutes late, the show started.

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You Better Work: 21 Music-Heavy Fashion's Night Out Events

Nicki Minaj performs at Yves Saint Laurent tonight.
Let's be honest: Shopping isn't really the main attraction of Fashion's Night Out. Who has time to sift through sales racks when there are so many parties to go to? Some events—Drake's DJ set at Versace, Neon Indian's invite-only gig at the Mondrian SoHo—will be trickier to get into than others, but fear not. We've scoured the internet and compiled a list of the best places to catch live music and indulge in light celeb-stalking, and they're all free.

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Live: Maluca and AraabMusik Headline Our Own Personal Fashion's Night Out

AraabMuzik, dropping jaws
During Friday's Fashion's Night Out spectacular, we were faced with a dilemma: Should we head to SoHo to elbow our way through boutiques for a free cupcake, attempt to walk in heels around the cobblestone of the Meatpacking District, or wait in mobs of lines uptown just to be near someone famous? Figuring that we'd be better off actually having some fun, we headed downtown for our own FNO, with less waiting and more dancing.

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A User's Guide to Fashion's Night Out

If you ask Michelle Trachtenberg politely maybe she'll reprise this.

Well, it's that time of year again: Friday's Fashion's Night Out brings a whole slew of free ways for you to stalk your favorite celebs, stare at pretty things you will pretend to consider to buy, and get some swag and music appreciation in while you're at it. There's a whole lot to sift through, so here's our guide to help you through it.

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