Cypress Hill's Sen Dog Finally Tells the Story Behind the Group's SNL Ban

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Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill's carved out a special New York niche.
Halloween's right around the corner, and when it comes to New York's Halloween traditions, you would be hard-pressed to find a longer-lasting hip-hop standard-bearer than Cypress Hill's annual show. Emanating this year from the Best Buy Theater on October 30 (Devil's Night, for you Midwest transplants), Cypress Hill celebrate almost two decades of tricks and treats in the home of hip-hop with La Coka Nostra, Immortal Technique, and Vinnie Paz.

We spoke to Sen Dog about the group's proud New York tradition, as well as their appearance on The Simpsons and infamous banning from another New York institution, Saturday Night Live.

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Talking Spooky Stuff With Lita Ford

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Lita Ford went to a party on Halloween night, and ... well, you know the rest. The former Runaway and a current bitch (no, really, her new live album is called The Bitch Is Back) is still going strong and dressing like this. Which is to say, she's still kicking (and baring) a lot of ass. In the middle of a press junket for the new album, we asked if she had any scary stories. It turns out, she does. Spooky scary. And we're not just talking about seeing Ace Frehley up close without makeup! We're talking a pig collection, wearing pig masks, séances, and one of her big-lipped friends dressing up as Steven Tyler for Halloween. Read on ... if you dare. [VINCENT PRICE LAUGH]

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Alice Cooper Assesses Halloween Candy

Last Halloween Alice Cooper was guest editor of this blog. We've just now gotten the blood out of the carpet. The smell of sulfur still remains. And though he left the place a wreck, afterward we went trick-or-treating with him through the Lower East Side. He murdered the first person unlucky enough to give him Candy Corn. This year, to avoid a similar mishap, we asked what Halloween candy won't send Cooper into a blind rage.

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Alice Cooper's Best Songs ... According To Alice Cooper


To wrap up his day, guest editor Alice Cooper is sending you off into the frightening night with a list of his favorite songs. His own.

Thanks for everything today, Alice! Don't worry about the blood stains you left in the office. We'll have an intern clean them up.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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Live: Danzig Takes A Halloween Tour Through His Legacy

Benjamin Lozovsky
Danzig Legacy New York
Hammerstein Ballroom
Saturday, October 29

Better than: Bobbing for dismembered limbs in a tank of formaldehyde.

On a dreary, slushy Halloween weekend mess, Glenn Danzig, the diabolical mesh-loving doom crooner and heavy metal pioneer, celebrated his career—34 years of ghoulish, Satanic imagery and pounding musical mayhem—at Hammerstein Ballroom. The miserable nature of the night's weather set an appropriate mood for the performance, a bleak landscape for music equally suited for the raging infernos of the rapture or a sunless, post-apocalyptic ice world. And although most fans preferred to don their normal metal uniforms—black band tees and various leather accoutrements—bloody body parts and gaping bullet wounds or serrated knife slashes, delicately constructed with gobs of viscous theatrical makeup, peeked out from the darkness here and there.

Danzig is a New Jersey native with a lifelong obsession surrounding occult and gore and a long history with the holiday, which made Halloween weekend the right time for the Danzig Legacy Tour's New York City stop. Each show on the four-city tour is divided into three sets, with each set focusing on one of the main projects in Danzig's career. Even within the confines of aggressive agita and mystical gloom, Danzig's music has covered a fairly astonishing range and traveled a noticeable arc. The shambolic, campy glory of The Misfits; the transitional death rock of Samhain; the theatrical, murky metal of his longest running and current band Danzig—each project incorporated parts of the previous as it meticulously unfolded and reached maturity.

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Live: The Black Lips Bring Hell To Webster Hall

Ashley Eada Giahn

The Black Lips w/Davila 666, Xray Eyeballs
Webster Hall
Saturday, October 29

Better than: The overpriced coat check.

Here's the thing about Black Lips shows: They're completely out of control as a rule. Playing Webster Hall on Saturday for their "Hell in the Hall" All Hallow's Eve celebration, the Atlanta quartet was ready to party, and the mostly costumed audience was in similar spirits. The band's homemade backdrop—a white sheet covered in spraypainted Satanic symbols that had horror movies projected onto it—and streamers and fog machines brought a DIY aesthetic that helped set the stage and make Webster Hall seem much more down-home than than it usually is.

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Live: Two 7-Inch Singles That Should Come Out Of Last Night's Permanent Wave Covers Show

Permanent Wave's Halloween Covers Show
Death by Audio
October 27, 2011

Better than: Scrambling to put together my own costume.

Last night, Brooklyn's Permanent Wave collective took over Death by Audio with what they were billing as a "ridiculously fun night of cover sets by some of our favorite lady-fronted bands." This included, in chronological order, Delta Hotel playing That Dog, Claire's Diary playing Le Tigre, Eula playing Blondie, Wojcik playing the Craps, Mindtroll playing Salt-N-Pepa, and Amy Klein and the Blue Star Band playing Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (plus one Bruce-written Patti Smith tune). As far as these Thursday night DIY shows go, that's a pretty formidable lineup, and as it turned out, all the bands delivered, each one having more fun than the last. If there's a way to capture that fun on vinyl, here are two 7-inches I wouldn't mind seeing next to the 'zines and absurdly delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cookies at the merch table next time around:

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Happy Halloween: 7 Scary Movies With Pretty Good Soundtracks

It's almost Halloween, and if you're like me, you've been spending your free time watching scary movies and thinking up costume ideas. These sorts of movies are usually known for blood, boobs, and bad jokes, but the music that accompanies them is important, too. For instance, high-pitched shrieking noises automatically bring to mind Psycho, and the Jaws score will forever instill fear in the hearts of swimmers. But what about the actual soundtracks—you know, those tie-in compilations that bring together artists old and young, new and vintage, huge and dollar-bin-ready? After the jump, seven frightful flicks that were packaged with good tunes.

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12 Supporting Characters From Music Videos Who You Can Use As Quick (And Cheap) Inspiration For Halloween Costumes

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Picturesque Americana or pop-cultural moment waiting to be ripped off? It's your call!
Halloween is coming! In case you're someone who doesn't have the time or money—or patience—to head out to the costume shop and figure out what alter ego you're going to take on during this weekend of cover-band gigs and green-Jell-o-studded parties, Sound of the City is here for you. The world of the music video is rife with personalities who, while they might not have been doing the lipsyncing, were key to their associated clips, whether for reasons of ambience, plot-driving, or just showing the world what sort of cool people were able to hang out with rock stars during their particular era. After the jump, 12 costumes that have just enough pop-cultural semi-importance for you to justify wearing at least a few "regular clothes" while you're snacking on candy corn and mini Snickers.

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Oneida's Kid Millions Looks Back On Five Years Worth of Brahloween Parties

What more can be said about the indefatigable Kid Millions and the mighty Oneida? Hell, it's not even news that they throw a killer and sloppy Halloween party, Brahloween, since the band's annual throwdown is now in its sixth year and has become an end of October staple. So instead, on the eve of Millions et al. gearing up for another bloody axe throwdown at Secret Project Robot, along with Birds of Avalon, Dirty Faces, and Be/ Non, we asked Kid about the ghosts of Brahloweens' past:

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