Vinyl Worship With Good Records on the Eve of Record Store Day 2015

Flipping through a stack of vinyl at Good Records
With plenty of ceremony and fanfare, April has now, unofficially, become the Month of Vinyl — or at least it has in 2015. Empire Records, the cult classic that preserves one chaotic day in the life of an independent record store, turned twenty, and the anniversary of the film's release was marked with an intensely enjoyable, immersive film experience at Rough Trade NYC a week ago. Now Record Store Day, the annual "holiday" that takes place every third Saturday in April, is drawing nigh, and audiophiles everywhere are setting their alarms in order to beat the crowds and lines for coveted special releases, in-store appearances, and more taking place at 21 participating record stores across the boroughs on April 18.

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What Do NYC's Favorite Record Store Pros Want for Record Store Day 2015?

Emily Tan for the Village Voice
Shoppers hit Rough Trade NYC on Record Store Day 2014.
Record Store Day is far from perfect. Just as sure as the Christmas of vinyl has come every third Saturday of April since 2007, so too have its detractors, with complaints ranging from how the holiday clogs up pressing plants to how people are flipping releases on eBay to how major labels have begun to nudge indies out of the picture to how the event's popularity has resulted in overcrowded stores that are generally undesirable places to spend one of the first Saturdays of spring. This weekend it's supposed to rain, so don't forget to bring an umbrella for the hour-long wait to score that heart-shaped Father John Misty colored vinyl. (Unless you're just going to flip it on eBay. In that case, fuck you, get wet.)

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10 Must-Have Record Store Day Releases

Photo By Erik Hess

Part of the reason Record Store Day has grown in popularity over the years is the wide array of exclusive releases bands put out specifically for the event. Whether it's limited 7-inches, vinyl reissues, or deluxe box sets that you set your sights on, the sheer amount of cool, unique albums that are released on Record Store Day are enough to get all types of music lovers out in droves to pick up these collectibles -- all while supporting their independent local record shops at the same time.

The list of exclusive releases this year is quite impressive and more extensive than ever before. So for your convenience, ahead of Saturday's Record Store Day, we've come up with a list of what we feel are the 10 must-haves of this year's bumper crop of RSD releases.

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How to Write a "Vinyl is Back!" Story

d double u's Flickr Page
Last Saturday marked Record Store Day, a global celebration that encourages folks to head down to their local record store and buy some vinyl. Pleasantly, the initiative has done wonders for local businesses. Besides boosting sales, Record Store Day also offers an invaluable service to writers: It presents us with a peg to hang our "Vinyl is Back!" stories.

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Why I Gave Up On Record Store Day

Other Music on Record Store Day 2008.
Last week a ton of stories about Record Store Day percolated through blogs—Feistodon! The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends! St. Vincent! Beach House! Holy crap, you gotta get on line at 8 a.m. to get the best picks! On Friday, when I got an email from a store that contained both a list of records and detailed rules about how to make purchases, and I imagined standing on a sidewalk for an hour just to frantically paw through stacks of records hoping that one magical 7" would still be there, it hit me: I hate Record Store Day.

Record Store Day is a yearly event that happens on the third Saturday of April, and in the five years of its existence it's grown into a global thing. Record stores have all-day sales and maybe live performances or DJs, and they encourage people to come in and drop a healthy amount of cash on physical copies of music. One of the elements of the day that most appeals to collectors is the release of limited-edition records, whether they contain exclusive non-album tracks, or are special versions of some sort.

I appreciate that RSD has become a huge deal for independent record stores. It's true that it can help out smaller shops' second-quarter bottom line, driving customer traffic into stores and loosening up people's wallets to actually buy music in a way not unlike that time you had a few too many whiskeys and opened iTunes when you got home from the bar. I've gone to Other Music in the past, and last year I took advantage of Black Gold's "hey, here's some stuff we haven't priced yet for $1 an LP—have at it!"

But the exclusives kill me.

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It's Monday, And Already Many Record Store Day Items Have Been Resold On eBay

Money, honey.
The "Hallmark holiday for music nerds" festivities of Record Store Day are a little less than 36 hours past, and as predicted, the speculators and collectors were out in full force on Saturday. And some of them are already seeing returns on their waiting-in-line investments! eBay's search engine turns up quite a few completed listings with "RSD" in their title, with surely more lurking under misspellings like "RDS" or dispensing with the branding altogether. The spendiest item so far? The limited-to-500-copies Ed Banger Bee Sides box set, a five-disc set of one-sided etched 7-inches that has a Justice demo and four other tracks that went for £497 (which comes out to about $810.36 on our side of the pond--and that's before shipping).

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Record Store Day: How Shops, Labels, Fans, And Those Annoying Resellers Benefit

If you can snag this, congratulations, you've won.
Saturday marks the fifth annual Record Store Day, the celebration of all things indie, vinyl, and limited edition-slash-noble ploy to get customers through the doors of the music stores still standing in the spring of 2011. It's basically the record shop equivalent of a Hallmark holiday, but that's OK, since this year's list of special releases looks pretty killer. Here's a look at how different players in the retail system benefit from the celebration.

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The Arctic Monkeys Also Remember The '90s

The Arctic Monkeys' Record Store Day single--one of many that will be released during this Saturday's retail-orgy festivities, about which more as the day approaches--will have as its A-side "Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair," a moody, hung-over track that sounds like it's been festering under a desk somewhere since mysteriously dropping out of an alt-rock station's playlist sometime in 1996. Of course, that just makes it a bit grouchier. Stream it after the jump, if you're one of those "try before you buy" types.

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Go See The Apparently Totally Raw Mountain Goats Documentary Thursday Night At The IFC Center, Or Buy The DVD On Record Store Day

mountain goats flier.jpg
Rian Johnson (the dude who did Brick and The Brothers Bloom) has polished off a MGs concert doc, with John Darnielle and co. doing stripped-down tunes from their recent (and profoundly traumatic) The Life of the World to Come. See it at the IFC Center tomorrow night (tix here) or buy it Saturday, which is, in the event you were not aware, Record Store Day. Bring a bible to the IFC thing and get in free.*


New York Will Get Its Own Limited Fucked Up Record Store Day 7"

Record Store Day is set for April 17th this year, which means we can expect a flood of semi-exclusive records and in-stores from bands all across the country come spring. For instance: Fucked Up, a band that are famously slaves to vinyl (on their website, they claim to have released more than 35 7"s), will be releasing a slew of singles that day, each customized to rep for one of ten record stores the band deems worthy. Writes the band:

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