Neil Hagerty on "Cult" Status, Performing Twin Infinitives, and Licorice

Neil Hagerty
In this time of literal and figurative Armageddon, nothing is shocking in regard to musical reformations, reunions or resurrections. I could tell you a hologram of Jim Morrison was about to record a duet with Ke$HA at Sun Studios and you probably wouldn't bat an eye. But when rumblings came down the pike a few months back about a reunion between Neil Michael Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema, the two personalities who made up the most enigmatic indie outfit of the 90's Royal Trux, even some of the most jaded eyebrows started to rise.

After much Internet back and forth, it was revealed there was to be no reunion between the two. Rather, Hagerty would be performing the band's double LP opus from '90 Twin Infinitives in its entirety for one night only at Brooklyn's' Saint Vitus Bar without the help of Herrema whatsoever.

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