New York Duo the London Souls Push Through the Pain With Here Come the Girls

Photo by Shervin Lainez
London Souls
New York rockers the London Souls have been sitting on their sophomore record, Here Come the Girls, since early 2013. Not because the duo were fidgety or stuck in the studio wasting away energy (à la another Chinese Democracy) — rather, the band's singer/guitarist, Tash Neal, had to heal and recuperate after surviving a nasty hit-and-run car accident on Broadway in Manhattan back in 2012.

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New York City's Best Sound Guys Sound Off

Photo: Adam Macchia
In this week's music feature, we followed two of New York City's most revered sound guys--Kenny Lienhardt of the Bowery Ballroom and Rob Sutton of The Knitting Factory--and they were incredibly good sports when it came to showing us the ropes while dishing out some of the more infamous stories of their all-seeing and all-hearing careers. Over the course of a few beers and a clocked-in shift or two, tons of ground was covered and countless absurd anecdotes were shared: Fishing with Bon Iver, New York's vital need for hip-hop sound engineering, and that time a venue caught on fire in the middle of a sold-out Cake show were some of the tidbits dropped on the record, and though they couldn't make it into print, these are some details that further support the fact that these guys are the unsung heroes of New York music. (And now we all know how big sound guys are on details.)

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Burger Records' Caravan of Stars Rolls Deep In a Nursing Home Shuttle Bus

Photo: Steele O'Neal
Gap Dream's Gabe Fulvimar
Gap Dream's Gabe Fulvimar has had a surreal couple of years. Last December, he emailed a sample of his lo-fi glam pop to Fullerton, California's DIY visionaries Burger Records, who offered to put out his self-titled debut on cassette; after his song "58th St. Fingers" was featured on Pitchfork, "shit hit the fan" and he moved halfway across the country from Cleveland to live in a storage space at Burger's warehouse, which includes the label's record store and office space. "It's a very odd thing to make music for a long time where no one knows who you are, except for your buddies and people who think it's a joke, and suddenly people are interested in it," he tells me over the phone from a gas station somewhere between Portland, OR, and Salt Lake City. "I'm trying not to let it freak me out," he says–even when some female fans drew a picture of his face and posted it to Twitter. "I never thought that would happen."

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Wire - Bowery Ballroom - 7/16/2013

Categories: Bowery Ballroom


Better Than: Sitting on your fire escape with a pint of ice cream after work, moaning about the humidity outside.

"Hot enough out today?" quipped Wire bassist Graham Lewis to a sold-out Bowery Ballroom. Clutching their sweating beers and cheering, the crowd was nonplussed by the balmy outdoors. The seasoned British rockers too were unfazed by the elements and wasted no time in throttling the venue.

The foursome immediately broke into slow-burner "Marooned", barely after walking across the stage. More of an interlude than a banger, the song effectively began to seduce an already captive audience for a very special night ahead.

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The Men Play a Sold-Out Bowery Ballroom Tonight: Read Fun Facts That Didn't Make Our Cover Story

Carrie Schechter
Last week's cover boys the Men released their latest album, New Moon, on Tuesday. Tonight, the dudes take the stage of the Bowery Ballroom to a sold-out crowd. And even though we spilled thousands of words in ink about these guys, there's a bit that didn't make the story. Here now, lotsa lotsa handy tidbits about the Men.

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The Men Get Out of the Gutter
See outtakes from our cover shoot

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Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Foxygen - Bowery Ballroom - 2/28/13

Categories: Bowery Ballroom

Better Than: Known Mortal Orchestra and Oxygen.

Last night Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Foxygen played to a sold out Bowery Ballroom. Though UMO was given top billing, it really could have been a shared bill -- both are Jagjaguwar artists touring behind well received second albums that followed well received first albums, equally ascendent, equally heaped with expectation.

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Live: Kip Moore Brings A Little Bit Of Country To New York City

Kip Moore
Bowery Ballroom
Friday, August 3

Better than: Having to take the train to Long Island or bus to New Jersey.

Nearly halfway through his set, after opening with Up All Night favorites "Crazy One More Time" and "Beer Money" and throwing in a Ryan Bingham cover for good measure, Kip Moore did something Manhattan country audiences might not be used to: He sang a song about New York City. On stage with only his acoustic guitar, Moore explained that he's been here five times in the last year, and that he wrote this tune while looking out his hotel room window on one of those trips. By the time he got to the first chorus, I could spot at least two group hugs; when the occasional camera flash illuminated the main floor of the Bowery Ballroom, I saw maybe a half dozen makeouts.

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Just Like Being There: The Economics Of Livestreaming Concerts

Will you be watching?
Tonight, at 10 P.M., you can see the Dirty Projectors live. They're playing here in town, in support of their just-released new album, Swing Lo Magellan, at Music Hall of Williamsburg. If you didn't get a ticket, or just don't feel like leaving your apartment, you can cruise over to the YouTube home of local internet conglomerate the Bowery Presents (owners of The Bowery Ballroom, the forthcoming Rough Trade Booklyn, and The Music Hall of Williamsburg) and watch the whole thing as it happens, online, broadcast in pretty stunning HD. You'll catch every bit of banter, every wrong note, every silly cover they might throw in near the end, and you'll be seeing it as it happens. It will be just like being there. Right?

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Ted Leo, Titus Andronicus, Tune-Yards, And Dan Deacon Lead Bonkers Our Band Could Be Your Life All-Covers Tribute Show

our band could be your life.jpg
This show is crazy: To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Michael Azerrad's Our Band Could Be Your Life -- an exhaustive history of '80s-indie giants from Sonic Youth to Fugazi to Black Flag -- the Bowery Ballroom is hosting a one-night-only parade of modern alt. superstars covering the bands profiled in the book: Ted Leo playing Minor Threat, Tune-Yards playing Sonic Youth, and someone named Delicate Steve handling the Minutemen. It's all happening May 22; per Brooklyn Vegan, the lineup so far:

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Live: Les Savy Fav Are (Thankfully!) Still The Same Old Absurdist Art-Punk Band at the Bowery Ballroom

iPhone magic by me
Les Savy Fav frontman Tim Harrington, crowd-surfing on a pedestal, lips on a flask, same as it ever was.

Better than: Monotonix's indefinite hiatus.

Les Savy Fav have not evolved, you will be happy to learn. They are still the same four laser-focused musicians and one giant hairy bald art-punk jester who tongue-kisses strangers and strips down to his underpants. And so a night committed to letting these guys--most noticeably prop comic/expert crowd conductor Tim Harrington--be your primary source of entertainment is always a good decision. At the very best, Les Savy Fav live are the most fun you've had standing upright all month; at the very least, Les Savy Fav are a damn fine primer to Odd Future's Jimmy Fallon debut, even if this strain of performance-art punk comes from "the old people in the back," the side of the bell curve Hodgy Beats finds so reprehensible. Both Tyler and Tim wear kneesocks, so.

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