New York City's Best Sound Guys Sound Off

Photo: Adam Macchia
In this week's music feature, we followed two of New York City's most revered sound guys--Kenny Lienhardt of the Bowery Ballroom and Rob Sutton of The Knitting Factory--and they were incredibly good sports when it came to showing us the ropes while dishing out some of the more infamous stories of their all-seeing and all-hearing careers. Over the course of a few beers and a clocked-in shift or two, tons of ground was covered and countless absurd anecdotes were shared: Fishing with Bon Iver, New York's vital need for hip-hop sound engineering, and that time a venue caught on fire in the middle of a sold-out Cake show were some of the tidbits dropped on the record, and though they couldn't make it into print, these are some details that further support the fact that these guys are the unsung heroes of New York music. (And now we all know how big sound guys are on details.)

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Just Like Being There: The Economics Of Livestreaming Concerts

Will you be watching?
Tonight, at 10 P.M., you can see the Dirty Projectors live. They're playing here in town, in support of their just-released new album, Swing Lo Magellan, at Music Hall of Williamsburg. If you didn't get a ticket, or just don't feel like leaving your apartment, you can cruise over to the YouTube home of local internet conglomerate the Bowery Presents (owners of The Bowery Ballroom, the forthcoming Rough Trade Booklyn, and The Music Hall of Williamsburg) and watch the whole thing as it happens, online, broadcast in pretty stunning HD. You'll catch every bit of banter, every wrong note, every silly cover they might throw in near the end, and you'll be seeing it as it happens. It will be just like being there. Right?

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When Shepard Fairey Vandalizes the Music Hall of Williamsburg, He Does It While Listening to Band of Horses

Gregg Greenwood
So, if you're keeping track of Shepard Fairey-related activity around NYC, there is the wall on Houston Street, the Ace Hotel wrap-around, the May Day show at Deitch Projects and, last but not least, a permanent, indoor mural installation at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. That last bit happened over the weekend, when Fairey took to the upstairs bar and, in a kind of a grammatical nightmare of a sentence from the MHOW press release, set to work: "Listening to a playlist including Metallica, Fugazi, and Band of Horses, Fairey's pasted posters feature images demonstrating his disdain for the dysfunctional democracy and the need for campaign finance reform." Which would make those posters the savviest listeners in the history of wheatpasting, but never mind. Also, he disdains campaign finance reform? Bowery Presents, we got copy editors, holler at us.

Bowery Ballroom Booker Johnny Beach Loves Oksana Baiul and the Jersey City Chili's

This week is the Voice's Best of NYC issue, our annual opportunity to bestow arbitrary awards like Best Guitar Shredder and Best Gay Theater Fest. In turn, we asked a few of our favorite New Yorkers to name their favorite local things.


Johnny Beach, the booker for the Bowery Ballroom, has seen Oksana Baiul breakdancing on the F train. For that, we'll even let his Chili's namedrop slide.

Best ballroom other than your own?

There is this really sweet Gazebo in Cape Cod. I think it's on 6A in Dennis or thereabouts. Also that Gazebo bar on Nantucket is pretty sweet too--try the Mud Slide.

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Brooklyn Bowl Becomes a Bowery Presents Venue

Photo of No Age at Brooklyn Bowl by Sam Horine.
Well, that didn't take long. Brooklyn Bowl, the posh Williamsburg entertainment complex that opened in July with an O'Death show and a Fucked Up afterparty, will now be booked under the aegis of Bowery Presents, the NYC concert promoter conglomerate that that also handles the Bowery Ballroom, the Music Hall of Williamsburg, the Mercury Lounge, and Terminal 5. Josh Moore, the promoter that handles the MHOW for Bowery Presents, will take over operations at the bowling alley-cum-restaurant-cum venue, replacing the space's former talent buyer, Mia Sladyk. As per the press release:

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