Despite Real Estate Rumors, Brooklyn Bowl & Brooklyn Brewery Aren't Going Anywhere -- Yet

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Sachyn Mital for the Village Voice
Red Baraat played Brooklyn Bowl on March 8, 2015.
The building that houses two of Williamsburg's more prominent businesses is hitting the real estate market.

Brooklyn Bowl and Brooklyn Brewery share property located at 61–71 Wythe Avenue, and the current owner of the space is working with Manhattan real estate firm Eastern Consolidated to sell the premises for a reported $50 million. Don't panic just yet, Bowl Train fiends and beer geeks: Both Brooklyn Bowl and Brooklyn Brewery are 100 percent leased until 2021 and 2025, respectively, and neither business is looking to relocate anytime soon.

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Immortal Technique, Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grae, and Others Play a Sandy Benefit Tuesday Night

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A week after the 12-12-12 Concert raised tens of millions of dollars for Hurricane Sandy relief while causing aging white baby-boomers across the country to spontaneously come in their pants, now comes a Sandy relief benefit for a different musical demographic.

Tuesday night, politically-oriented hip-hop acts including Immortal Technique, Pharoahe Monch, and Jean Grae will play at Brooklyn Bowl. The concert, which also includes performances by Constant Flow, Hasan Salaam, Jasiri X, and George Martinez and the Global Block Collective.

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Live: Akron/Family Make A Free Show Even Freer

Akron/Family w/Stagnant Pools
Brooklyn Bowl
Friday, June 29

Better than: Fancy pants.

There's more than one way for a band to work a room, of course, but not all of those apply to playing in a bowling alley, and even fewer to the jeweled pleasure palace of Brooklyn Bowl, glowing proudly on the Williamsburg gold coast. For Akron/Family, innocent beardos weaned at the tail end of the neighborhood's previous epoch, their Friday night free show was a trip into the heart of the new Brooklyn. Over the lanes and below the bowling scores, shots of the band alternated with videos of perfectly coiffed denim models pouting in faux super-8, every now and again subtly reminding concertgoers that the show's price was brought to you (YOU!) by the graces of Ralph Lauren's Denim & Supply. As the band started their set with a sequence of quiet far-out folk numbers with hushed gang harmonies, bowling pins clattered like... bowling pins.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jon Spencer, And More To Play At Jonathan Toubin Benefit Concert This Friday

As you have presumably by now heard, New York Night Train host and DJ Jonathan Toubin was injured last week when a car crashed into his Portland hotel room. On Friday, Brooklyn Bowl will host a benefit concert for Toubin with performanes by Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jon Spencer's Heavy Trash, Tunde Adibempe's Stabbing Eastwood, Royal Baths, and Reverend Vince Anderson. DJs will include Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers, Billy Miller of Norton Records, and Bear in Heaven. The show starts at 10:30, and tickets are on sale now. They're selling for a minimum of $25—though if you so choose, you can donate up to $100, every penny of which will go to the hospitalized DJ.

It's also worth noting that on Saturday, Glasslands Gallery will be hosting its own benefit, starting at 8:30 and featuring Xray Eyeballs, The Stalkers, K-Holes, and an acoustic Frankie and the Outs set. Full release about Friday's show below.

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Live: Araabmuzik Harasses His MPC at Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl
Tuesday, April 5

Better than: Bowling.

In the past few months, I've read a handful of articles and reviews suggesting that watching a DJ is boring. In one sense this is true, as watching the moves a DJ is making is almost always secondary to dancing to the records that DJ is spinning; watching the DJ generally happens only if the music is lacking. On the other hand, the last half-century is filled with DJs whose showmanship topped anything happening on the dancefloor before them. Even if he doesn't use a turntable, Araabmuzik is one of those DJs.

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Neon Indian Is Judging a Halloween Costume Contest at Brooklyn Bowl Tomorrow

Thumbnail image for neon_indian_hi_res-580.jpg
If you're doing this costume, your synthesizer better work.
Well, he's also playing a show, with fellow space cadets Apache Beat and Prince Rama, but more importantly, this is the world's first ever chillwave costume contest. Judged by Neon Indian themselves, which probably means that combo vest/synth/Afro-wig Alan Palomo costume is out. (If you are still undecided about what you're going as, we have some suggestions.) Check the flyer, right here:

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Live: Zola Jesus, Glasser, And Deradoorian Battle Brooklyn Bowl's Actual Bowlers During Pitchfork's #Offline Festival

glasser brooklyn bowl.jpg
zola jesus brooklyn bowl.jpg
Glasser (top) and Zola Jesus, drowning out the crashing of pins. Pics by Puja.
Zola Jesus/Deradoorian/Glasser
Brooklyn Bowl
Friday, October 22

CMJ needs to abolish this whole badge thing. The festival has admirably justified its existence, but we still can't understand the math behind it: Expensive as that badge is, there's a real chance of being rejected at the door of a major show whether you've got that neon-green lanyard around their neck or not. And who actually sat through those panels, anyways? Not us! (Sorry, guys.) We went rogue instead, spending the near-entirety of our CMJ weekend at Pitchfork's #Offline festival. Kanye was there Saturday night, of course, but thanks to Zola Jesus in particular, the night before was nearly as memorable.

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Live: Kanye West! The GZA! Brooklyn Bowl! Offline! CMJ!

Twitpic via our pal Yancy Strickler
Kanye West
Brooklyn Bowl
Saturday, October 23

Better than: Pretty much everything but the Blow.

Let us go now to Brooklyn Bowl, where the hour is just past 2 a.m., the enthusiastic but mostly ineffective CyHi Da Prynce is winding up his set, and bounding out now comes Kanye West himself, Horus chain like a wrecking ball, pyramid rings gleaming, launching into "So Appalled," the crowd that by now knew this was coming screaming anyway, Prynce at some point wandering off the stage, West shrugging off his coat and staying, shrinking a large building down to something smaller, more intimate--more CMJ-like, even. (Not the letters "CMJ" have a lot of meaning for Kanye West.) He did five songs. It was great.

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Win Two Tickets To See Tom Tom Club At Brooklyn Bowl Saturday Night

Tom Tom Club is back: the new-wave dance band extraordinaire, featuring ex-Talking Heads rhythm section/actual married couple Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth, is doing two shows in NYC to support their new Genius of Live LP, featuring of course their endlessly sampled mega-hit "Genius of Love." They're at Santos Party House tonight and Brooklyn Bowl Saturday night; we've got two tickets to the latter.

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So Pitchfork Is Hosting A Huge Music Festival Called #Offline In New York Next Week, Just In Time to Compete With CMJ

Well, that's one way to let CMJ know what you think of it, if you are the vast music recommendation website Pitchfork--by having a multi-day, 30-plus band festival in the middle of Williamsburg during the marathon's prime three nights. They're calling it #Offline, paradoxical hashtag and all; dates are set for October 21-23 at Brooklyn Bowl. The line-up skews a little Altered Zones (Sun Airway, Diamond Rings, Lower Dens), a little Jersey (Beach Fossils, Andrew Cedermark), and a lot, uh, Pitchfork (Freddie Gibbs! Marnie Stern! Avey Tare!), right down to the swagger that led the site to hold off on the announcement of their own gigantic shindig until it was only a week away. SOTC favorites A-Trak and How To Dress Well will be there, too; here's the full, three-day line-up:

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