Williamsburg's Dead Herring Goes Out In Style On Last Night, Will Reopen Soon In New Location

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Photo: Ebru Yildiz
This past Saturday, Williamsburg's Dead Herring house closed its doors after six years of throwing quality rock shows, dance parties, craft fairs, and other assorted fun times. As one of the last remaining DIY spaces located in Williamsburg proper (or "prime Williamsburg," as their landlord likely calls it), they held on for an impressive amount of time despite being surrounded by increasingly fancy and noise hating neighbors. More impressive still, as of 2013, their cover charge had yet to rise above $5, drink prices above $4. If that's not commitment to the scene, I don't know what is.

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Live: Fluffy Lumbers and Coasting Share a Release Party at Dead Herring

Coasting crack a smile. All photos by Georgia Kral
Fluffy Lumbers and Coasting
Dead Herring
Saturday, September 11

Better Than: Your usual house party.

Dead Herring is a first floor loft apartment located next to the Williamsburg bridge on-ramp. It's an odd experience--if not completely un-surprising one (this is Brooklyn)--to see a show there, because the bands play in front of a window looking out onto the street and the bridge. Every few minutes a J-train goes rushing by, inching up or down not far from where you stand.

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Corey Haim Has Been Dead For Less Than 12 Hours And His Bloody-Nosed Ghost Is Already Advertising a Dead Herring Show

Instead of bothering with Michael Damian's "Dream On," let's instead refer you to this sadly endearing long video of Corey Haim, still in his teens, clearly high and playing around with an artillery of synthesizers. "As far as what I really like in today's music, I'm into that Japanese funk, that pop funk, you know, I think Prince is the future," he tells the camera at the 3:01 mark. There's also a whole montage of him apparently drugged up and poking around keyboards, if you're into that sort of thing. But if you're more into paying tribute to recently dead people by mocking their tragic flaws, perhaps you're interested in this flyer for a Saturday offering at Dead Herring in Williamsburg:

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