Bushwick's Party Xpo To Reopen as Renovated XPO 929

A long time ago in a Bushwick far, far away

Party Xpo, an uncommonly resilient DIY space nestled under the J/M/Z tracks, has magically withstood two years of logistical hassles. After opening in January 2010 with a typically cantankerous Japanther benefit show, local law enforcement took notice of the place, paid a few visits, and the space wisely went dry. Then the site's previous tenants--a party-supply store business whose still-lingering "Party Expo" signage inspired the spot's name--not only demanded the current occupants remove the marquee (above), but change the venue's name. The result was Party XPO.

Now, after enduring two tumultuous years of police raids, dry shows, and one especially memorable Wu-Tang video, the Bushwick storefront has evolved again--this time into a "beautiful and safe venue, bar, and practice studio" with actual bathrooms, a "smoking coffin" bar, and a (supposedly/hopefully) forthcoming liquor license. Plus, cats!

From an e-mail circulating sent by one of the space's longtime organizers, Jonny Aquadora:

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This Saturday's Brooklyn Psychfest #2: The High Dials, "Psyched-Out" Jell-O Shots, and More

La Otracina.jpeg
courtesy Lady Bree
Dashiki rolecall: La Otracina at Brooklyn Psychfest #1

Bootstrapped Broadway venue Party Xpo tends to specialize in punk/noise/muffled-acoustic hijinks, but this Saturday, the still kicking-and-screaming show space amusingly floats off into yoga-studio territory with the second annual Brooklyn Psychfest. A 12-hour space-jam marathon organized by Lady Bree, who's best known for her booking accomplishments at Don Pedro's, the eight-band bill of tambourines, organs and at least one sitar is either the perfect hook for a trend piece about Brooklyn's burgeoning psych scene--it's there, brah, just pull the rental figures on Enter the Void--or maybe it's a sign that our local DIY spaces can be a little more genre-porous than one might expect.

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Bushwick DIY Show Space Party Expo Is Changing Its Name

The Bushwick DIY show space Party Expo has had a wild year: after opening back in January with a booze-soaked benefit show featuring three of the rowdier bands in Brooklyn--Japanther, Death Set, Cerebral Ballzy--the space went more or less dry, in response to repeated raids from the cops. (A May release party for Gavin McInnes's Street Boners book, featuring our pals Das Racist, ended with a stampede of kids running away from the venue as the police hit the back lot.) Somewhere in there, Wu-Tang shot a video using their ample production space. Then Party Expo's former tenant, an actual party supply store, demanded that the venue remove the "Party Expo" marquee that the store had left behind when they vacated the space two and a half years ago. (Ownership of the sign turned out to have reverted to the landlord, who left it out front). Now, the former tenant--who still operates an online business called Party Expo--has demanded that the space change its name, threatening the still quasi-legal venue with a lawsuit, according to one of the space's organizers, Jonny Aquadora. Rather than fight it, they're complying. The new name?

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Bushwick's Party Expo Is Still Having (Dry) Shows, Despite Cop Shut Down

all photos by Nate "Igor" Smith
NYPD pays a visit to the Street Boners book-release party

Last Thursday, the NYPD shut down our favorite Wu-Tang-endorsed, Superman-marked DIY space, Party Expo, during the release party for Gavin McInnes's Street Boners book. Wyldlife and Das Racist were scheduled to play after McInnes regaled the room with "live Street Boners," but Das Racist never did.

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A Guide to Party Expo, Brooklyn's Newest Wu-Tang-Approved DIY Venue

Party Expo, late January. Photo via Superchief
Brooklyn Vegan brings word of a new Brooklyn venue, Party Expo, which is seemingly going public with a Japanther show this Wednesday--$5, limited to 75 tickets, no alcohol, either for sale or BYOB. So what is this place, exactly? Well. Their first show was back in January, also featured Japanther--along with SXSW upchuckers the Death Set, Cerebral Ballzy, and others--and was a benefit for the space. It was most assuredly BYOB:

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