Meet 4AD's Indians, Denmark's Bon Iver

I first came across Indians entirely by accident courtesy of a CMJ schedule screw-up. On the first night of the annual music marathon back in October, I had been bouncing from the Rockwood Music Hall to Pianos to Cake Shop when the list of bands I had hastily scrawled in a notebook led me to the Living Room on Ludlow for a cozy show with an Irish rock outfit I'd never heard of. I hightailed it to the venue and elbowed my way into the back room, only to look up and see that there was a man onstage accompanied by nothing more than his keyboard and a guitar--which hardly fit the physical description for the five-piece band of Dubliners I was expecting.

Indians, on tour with Other Lives, play the Bowery Ballroom tonight and at Music Hall of Williamsburg tomorrow.

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4AD, Indians

Pavement's Bob Nastanovich Is DJing at the Living Room Tonight

Thumbnail image for nast ibold west.JPG
He's the guy on the right, going YAH YAH YAHHHHHHOOOOO
And so Pavement week continues in New York City, with auxiliary member and horse racing expert Bob Nastanovich taking advantage of the respite between last night's debut and the rest of this week's string of four sold-out Central Park Shows (tickets are all over Twitter if you want 'em) to don his "La Nast" alter ego and play records tonight at the Living Room. There probably will be no BOOGABOOGABOOGA backing vocals, but he may in fact dance with an actual woman two nights running, so there's that. Plus, he hasn't done this fifty times in other cities before coming to ours! Flyer, right here:

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Jennifer Gilson and Steve Rosenthal, Owners of the Living Room, Pick NYC's Best Dive Bar, Psycho Street Clown

This week is the Voice's Best of NYC issue, our annual opportunity to bestow arbitrary awards like Best Rock Club and Best '90s Musical Hero Holding Out Scruffily in Brooklyn. In turn, we asked a few of our favorite New Yorkers to name their favorite local things.


Jennifer Gilson and Steve Rosenthal run LES institution the Living Room and The Magic Shop Recording Studios. They have a funny story about the worst place to pass out in public.

Best dive bar?

Mars Bar on First and Second Avenue. I used to live right down the street and it usually has a good mix of artists, lost tourists, and homeless.

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CMJ Day Two: Margaret Cho at the Living Room

Stacey Anderson

Margaret Cho
plus Emilyn Brodsky, Elon James White
The Living Room
Wednesday, October 21

I don't know what the true barometer for stupidity is, but it may just be this: not realizing you are watching a bisexually themed comedy show, instead of a depressed Russian folk singer-songwriter, until it's halfway over.

In my defense, something immediately seemed wrong: upon entering into the Living Room on Wednesday night, despite waifish boys assembling guitars and keyboards on the tiny stage, the crowd was markedly devoid of all CMJ paraphernalia. There were few festival badges swinging from neon orange lanyards, even fewer thin blue cheesecloth totes bulging with crappy free CDs. The audience looked entirely too presentable. And so I texted my very good friend, who swore up, down, and sideways that yes, this was the Paste Magazine showcase with folkster Alina Simone and prodigal rocker Jason Trachtenburg of the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. So I settled in among the sea of eager thirtysomething sapphic couples (which surely seemed more than usual for a grungy, rigidly youthful CMJ show?), and waited.

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