Live: Marnie Stern Works Blue At The Rock Shop

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A brief interlude between dirty jokes. Pics by Rob, more below.
Marnie Stern
The Rock Shop
Tuesday, October 5

Better than: Most Sarah Silverman routines

Marnie Stern talks about vaginas a lot. Maybe you knew this. Tonight we are celebrating the release of her pretty great new album (self-titled, her third), but this is not up for discussion. Instead, she touts her new blog (the "Vagina Monoblogue"), compares a pleasant sensation to "when the vagina rubs against the soft sheets," asks us whether two pounds of wings or "a Big Mac and McNuggets" are worse for you (she had the latter, her bassist the former), uses the word redonk, is referred to by said bassist as both "diva with a little d" and "John Cougar Mellencamp" when she flirts shamelessly with the 23-year-old soundman, asks her drummer whether one can get "a callus on the vajean," and muses as to whether she could conceivably trick Courtney Love into drinking her urine.

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Live: Versus Carry On The Merge Juggernaut At The Rock Shop

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Not as many balding heads as I recall actually
The Rock Shop
Thursday, August 12

Now that Merge Records is an UNSTOPPABLE CHART-TOPPING MACHINE, let us regard their future chart-toppers, including On the Ones and Threes, the first record in a decade from NYC alt-pop heroes Versus, who still convey profoundly dire sentiments in a rather cheerful way. "This song is called 'Double Suicide,' announces singer/guitarist Richard Baluyut. "It's for all you couples out there."

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