Striped-Jumpsuit Prisoners No Longer Acceptable Setup/Cleanup Crew For Coney Island Shows

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Here is one problem, at least, the Jelly Pool Parties don't have: They didn't just lose their cheap supply of chain-gang labor. Per The Brooklyn Paper comes news that whatever trash you left behind at last week's B-52s show at Coney Island was picked up by a prison inmate. Striped jumpsuit and everything. Happens all the time at the Marty Markowitz-engineered free shows at Coney Island and Wingate Field. To wit:

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Live: Salt-N-Pepa, Naughty By Nature, And Slick Rick Do "Old-School Night" At Wingate Field

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Still talking about sex, albeit very briefly. Pics by Rebecca Smeyne, more below.
Salt-N-Pepa/Naughty by Nature/Slick Rick
Wingate Field
Monday, August 2

"Y'all look like a free concert out here," notes Salt wryly, shortly before launching into "I'll Take Your Man" in front of, indeed, thousands and thousands of nostalgia-crazed people. Yes, it's a "Y'all remember this one?" sort of show, which is great, actually, when we're asked to remember stuff like "Push It," "Hip Hop Hooray," "Children's Story," and the dynamic public-speaking acumen of Marty Markowitz.

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Live: George Clinton Rasps His Way Through Another P-Funk Spectacular At Wingate Field

Not from this show, no, but it is called "George Clinton humps an alien"

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic/The Ohio Players
Wingate Field
Monday, July 12

"Yes, it's me," croaks George Clinton, materializing maybe a half-hour into P-Funk's dependably rambling, bewildering, and nonetheless wildly entertaining set Monday night, and we appreciate the clarification. His trademark rainbow locks are long gone, replaced by a doo-rag and a notably wearier countenance, though that's not nearly as alarming as his voice, a barely human plutonium-gargling Tom-Waits-of-funk rasp that'd have us all a lot more concerned if, you know, "Flashlight" weren't playing.

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Sean Paul Out, Machel Montano In Tonight At Wingate Field, Which Is Fine With Us

Attention those heading to tonight's Sean Paul fete, the final show in this year's spread of Monday-night MLK Concert Series gigs at Brooklyn's Wingate Field: Sean ain't comin'. Doctor's orders. His replacement is soca badass Machel Montano, which actually ain't bad on such short notice. Sean's full release is below; show's still free, and oughta be lovely.

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