Lady Gaga's Parents' Restaurant Is Already Having Bad Romances With Critics

Look, everyone, a whole blog about Lady Gaga eating pasta.
Last night was the opening night for Joanne, the new Italian restaurant opened by the parents of Stefani "Lady Gaga" Germanotta and chef Art Smith, who was recently spotted making salami waffles with the pop star on her Thanksgiving special. Used to be that a restaurant would be able to get its sea legs before being subjected to the wrath of reviewers, but in an effort to goose his section's pageviews get the early scoop the New York Post's Steve Cuozzo snagged a table at the West 68th Street eatery last night and went to town on the eats. He was not very impressed!

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Nicki Minaj vs. Lil' Kim Beef is Tearing This Family Apart

The above clip is of the headache-giving variety. In it, a woman raps, speaks and cries (loud tears) about the recently widened rift between female rappers Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj. Kim, the woman says, is like her mother, Nicki is like her step-mother and rap music is her father; she just wants them all to get along, lest white women steal hip-hop (?). At times it's lucid and earnest -- "I expected more from y'all/ That's why this game is male dominated/ Look how black women are/ We quick to hate each other," etc. -- but mostly it's hysterical and seemingly exaggerated. The growing animosity between Nicki and Kim, meanwhile, is very real. More »

A Brief Catalog of All the Other Musicians Marnie Stern Has Dissed

Marnie Stern will cut you. Photo by David Torch.
Local guitar wizard Marnie Stern is making a wonderful bid right now to become the Kanye West of indie-rock--she's cocky but shy, confident but self-deprecating, and more musically savvy than she gets credit for, even as she constantly pays homage to her influences and collaborators (such as Hella's Zach Hill) for her increasingly sophisticated sound. Like Kanye, she has a record coming out--due next month on Kill Rock Stars--and like Kanye, she's been in trouble lately for airing her often underwhelmed opinions of her peers in public. But honesty is one of the things Stern excels at, and her latest round of press in advance of her third LP has been a clinic in how artists become more compelling as they speak more bluntly about their life and work. Today, she was interviewed by Pitchfork's Ryan Dombal, and there continued a burgeoning trend of waxing undiplomatically about musicians in the game she doesn't entirely respect. Such as:

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Lynn Hirschberg's M.I.A. Profile Earns a Correction

Lynn Hirschberg was adamant in an interview Tuesday with the Observer's John Koblin that, although M.I.A. had tapes that seemed to show that Hirschberg misquoted her in Sunday's now-famous Times Magazine profile, she'd gotten her reporting right. At issue? A disputed quote involving the Grammys and Bono, which Hirschberg had as self-aggrandizing-- "I'm tired of pop stars who say, 'Give peace a chance.' I'd rather say, 'Give war a chance'"--and which M.I.A.'s covertly recorded tapes, later posted on her website, seemed to reveal as more self-deprecating: "It wasn't about accolades or fame." Hirschberg explained the discrepancy away by claiming M.I.A. was prone to repeating herself, implying that the quote she used was drawn from another exchange entirely: "She didn't just say that once or twice or three times. She repeated things constantly." Now, however, the Times has come down on M.I.A.'s side of the issue, appending a correction to Hirschberg's story:

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Lynn Hirschberg Responds to M.I.A.'s Response to Hirschberg's Response to M.I.A.'s Chewing of a French Fry (That Hirschberg Ordered)

So, if you're following along: Lynn Hirschberg outed M.I.A. as a member of the bourgeoisie in her New York Times Magazine profile of the artist via a selective anecdote involving a truffle-flavored french fry; M.I.A. struck back by Tweeting Hirschberg's number to the world; Hirschberg averred to the Observer's John Koblin that this action was "infuriating and not surprising," not to mention "unethical"; at which point M.I.A. posted a covert recording of Hirschberg ordering the dreaded french fries; which led the intrepid Koblin to call Hirschberg back, asking for further comment. Which she then gave:

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M.I.A.'s "The Truff": Releases Lynn Hirschberg Diss Track, Didn't Order Truffled French Fries

Like Courtney Love before her, M.I.A. has responded to a less than kind Lynn Hirschberg profile -- Love's in Vanity Fair and M.I.A.'s in this weekend's New York Times Magazine -- the only way she knows how: angry music. Love's band Hole had the bootleg "Bring Me the Head of Lynn Hirschberg," and now, via her blog, Maya comes with "I'm a Singer." (Sample lyric: "Why the hell would journalists be thick as shit/ Cause lies equals power equals politics" and later, "You're a racist/ I wouldn't trust you one bit.")

But this isn't just about politics; it's about honor. And french fries.

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