NYFW is Over! Here are 20 Things We Actually Would Wear

Me, now that fashion week is over.

After ten fun-filled days of New York Fashion Week chaos (it's never just a week), the fog has finally lifted, sort of. Aside from actual proof that we were there — mounds of fashion week swag and countless Instagram images — it still feels as if never happened. Like it was one big dream in which we'd leave work in the middle of the day, take the subway uptown, and enter a world of pure fantasy. But then I look, with pride, at my calloused feet, and remember, yes, it did in fact happen.

So before we truly get back to our boring lives we'd like to snuggle with our fashion week memories and recap the very best Spring/Summer 2015 pieces that we liked this season.

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Two Lawsuits Filed Against the City Over Two Diabetes Deaths at Rikers Island

On Aug. 24, 2013, 46-year-old Rikers Island inmate Carlos Mercado fell into a diabetic coma and then died. Less than three weeks later, on September 11, 39-year-old Rikers Island inmate Bradley Ballard died of diabetic ketoacidosis, a serious complication of the disease that happens when a diabetic does not get enough insulin.

Now, a year later, families of both men have sued the city, charging that the jail caused the deaths by failing to provide the men adequate medial care for their disease.

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Dept. of Justice Finds Satisfaction With Police Body Cameras, Coming Soon to NYC

Categories: NYPD

Credit: DOJ report
A Department of Justice report says most police departments are happy with their body cameras.
A Department of Justice report on the use by police of body-mounted cameras found generally positive feelings about the technology in departments across the country. A survey of 254 agencies found that most of the departments who had actually instituted a body camera program -- 63 by their count-- said the benefits "largely outweigh the drawbacks."

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Miss America Was in an Abusive Relationship, and She Wants to Talk About It

Categories: Miss America

Most years, the Miss America pageant is good for just three things: ridicule, outrage, and jingoistic state pride. It was all true again this year (and speaking of the latter, BOW DOWN, OTHER STATES, BECAUSE IT'S MISS NEW YORK FOR THE THREEPEAT!!!) But this year, it might also be good for something relevant: advancing a public conversation about violence and abuse in relationships.

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Obama's ISIS Escalation Riles Rightbloggers Who Want More Muslim-Hate

[Roy Edroso dissects the right-wing blogosphere in this weekly feature]

Last week President Obama told the nation that we would continue to bomb the shit out of ISIS aka ISIL in Iraq, only now we might also bomb the shit out of them in Syria too. While announcing this, he did not beat his chest, bite the head off a bat, or flex his biceps and grunt "yer goin' dowwwwwwn," so rightbloggers thought he was wimpy and socialistic.

Obama also said that ISIS didn't really represent Islam, which really got the brethren angry, for reasons we think you can guess.

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NYFW: Justine and Jeff Koons Host Young Designer Showcase

Categories: Fashion Week

All images by Nikkitha Bakshani

In stark contrast to the black space inside the Fashion Week tent at Lincoln Center, Jeff and Justine Koons' White Space is a small, white loft with just one security checkpoint. Coconut water and Thai iced tea are assembled in the sink, not a refrigerator brandishing its corporate sponsorship. There are no models so there are no hordes of photographers outside clamoring to flash their cameras at any stylish attractive person who may or may not be a socialite. Alison Brokaw, curator and organizer of The White Space, assembled a group of designers that stand by their work, enthusiastic to describe their inspirations as they think aloud, rather than in publicist-approved statements like "fin de siècle Paris."

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Report Sheds Light on Anti-Muslim Bias

Categories: Stupidity

Credit: SAALT
Anti-Muslim bias continues to be a problem in the U.S.
A recently released survey of anti-Muslim bias in the U.S. since 9-11 says that New York City has been among the hotbeds of prejudice in recent years.

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Solitary Confinement at Rikers Island is Torture and 'Inexcusably Extreme,' Bronx Defenders Say

Photo by Flickr user Matt Green
An entrance to Rikers Island.
Inmates are placed in solitary confinement at Rikers Island for "inexcusably extreme" amounts of time, a new report charges, "egregiously disproportionate" to the infractions they are alleged to have committed. While in solitary, it can be difficult for inmates to get access to the most basic of services, including food, showers, and phone time. That's according to the Bronx Defenders, a criminal defense nonprofit that represents several hundred thousand people in the Bronx each year. They've just released "Voices From the Box," a report on the conditions their clients experienced in solitary at Rikers, New York City's largest jail facility.

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Mr. Brainwash Hopes His Massive 9/11 Mural Causes a 'Festival of 9/11'

"I hope next year there will be [art] everywhere, [and on] every corner, some people doing something. It becomes very ... it becomes like a festival ... like a festival of 9/11."

Those were the words of "street artist" Mr. Brainwash, who hit his peak in the culture about the same time as Sparks, and whose persona miiiiight be in part, at least, the creation of Banksy and/or Shepard Fairey, but who definitely says he is responsible for the massive, very earnest mural on the wall of Century 21 department store, located on Church between Dey Street and Cortlandt Street in Lower Manhattan near the World Trade Center site.

"I wanted to get as close as I could to the site," Brainwash told us today on the sidewalk in front of the mural, adding that he hopes his mural inspires other artists.

See also: Village Voice Exclusive: An Interview With Banksy, Street Art Cult Hero, International Man of Mystery

Podcast: The Best Movies at the Venice Film Festival

Courtesy of Millennium Films
Al Pacino in Barry Levinson's The Humbling, which showed at the Venice Film Festival.
The Village Voice's Alan Scherstuhl and Stephanie Zacharek, just back from the Venice Film Festival, discuss the stand-out movies she saw on this week's episode, and the duo also makes room for Tim Sutton's Memphis, which showed last year at the festival and is now in theaters now.

Back in New York, Alan praises the warm Dolphin Tale 2 and The Drop. Finally, Village Voice art critic R.C. Baker joins to talk about an exhibit at New York's Museum of the Moving Image, which ties very closely the movies -- the Looney Tunes cartoons that used to play before Warners Brothers pictures. The works of animator Chuck Jones are on display at the museum through January 19, 2015.

See also: Stephanie Zacharek's reviews from the Venice Film Festival

Can You Name NYC'S Best Cheap Thrill?

Categories: Best of NYC

"New york times square-terabass" by Terabass - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
A photobomber's paradise.
Is it peeping into the windows of The Standard hotel from The High Line? How about photobombing tourists in Times Square? Let us know your decision in that and 89 other categories of great importance in the Village Voice's annual Best of NYC® readers' poll.

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This Mobile App Replaces Subway Station Ads with Digital Art

Categories: Art

The MTA makes more than a $100 million every year selling space to advertisers. What they are really selling, of course, is you: your time waiting for the train, contemplating the void and/or silently criticizing the Photoshop skill of the poor soul tasked with fitting all 16 Expendables 3 stars onto one poster.

What if I told you you never had to look at that Expendables 3 poster ever again? Is that something you might like? There is a new app called NO AD--it's like AdBlocker, but for your commute instead of your computer. It is free, and available now for Apple and Android phones.

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NYPD Watchdog Chair Says Chokehold Report Will Be 'Troubling'

Categories: Eric Garner, NYPD

Source: CCRB Video
The Civilian Complaint Review Board is preparing to release a "troubling" chokehold report.
The new chair of the Civilian Complaint Review Board, the agency charged with reviewing citizen allegations of misconduct against the NYPD, said last night that a forthcoming study would reveal "troubling" findings about the alleged use of chokeholds by police officers in the city.

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Times Square Performers Say New License Law Would Violate Their Civil Liberties

Image via Facebook
Council Member King poses with a group of performers after the press conference Monday.
In the past few years, there have been several unfortunate, highly-publicized incidents in Times Square involving pervy, anti-Semitic Elmos and pugnacious, cop-punching Spidermen. But a new union representing Times Square costumed performers says a proposed law introduced by City Council Member Andy King yesterday -- which would require performers to be licensed and fingerprinted, and would create fines and jail time if they don't comply -- goes much too far.

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"I Want People to Be in a State of Moral Struggle": Q&A with Against Football Author

Categories: Football

"The point of this book isn't to shit on your happiness," author Steve Almond writes in Against Football: One Fan's Reluctant Manifesto. Football, after all, has given America much happiness, and Almond spends 170-plus pages detailing all that is wrong with the sport. But it is not a blind critique. Almond is a football fan himself, emotionally invested in the Oakland Raiders since childhood. And in his book, which hit shelves last week, he explores the moral quandary that football fans face as research continues to reveal the sport's damaging long-terms effects on the brains of its players.

Almond, who will speak at the Strand on Monday, recently discussed with the Voice his thoughts on America's relationship with football and what he hopes readers take from the book.

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NYFW: Inside Karen Walker's Secret Garden

Nikkitha Bakshani
Karen Walker
Gardens have been a popular theme this Fashion Week, but Karen Walker's models are not in the expected garden party dress code. Her models wear dungarees, pinafores and potter's jackets; gingham and pictures of burning gazebos; denim and suede. Self-described as "high casual," the brand eschews pretentiousness -- the Karen Walker girl knows how to wrestle with her plants, not just look pretty amongst them.

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Charles Barron Wins Inez Barron's Former State Assembly Seat, Completing Swap

Categories: Brooklyn, Politics

Christopher Farber
Last year, 60th District State Assemblywomen Inez Barron vacated her seat after winning the election for the 42nd District city council seat. Her husband, Charles Barron, had held that seat for 12 years, and he had termed-out.

On Tuesday, Charles Barron won the election for the state assembly seat Inez Barron had vacated. The couple pulled off the seat swap.

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Andrew Cuomo Wins Democratic Primary, Defeating Challenger Zephyr Teachout [Updated]

Image via Twitter
Andrew Cuomo voting at the Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco this morning.
In a tighter-than-expected race, Governor Andrew Cuomo has defeated his long-shot Democratic primary challenger Zephyr Teachout. With 41 percent of precincts reporting, the Associated Press is declaring the governor the victor. His pick for lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochul, has also defeated Teachout's running mate, Tim Wu. Although the results are still coming in, Teachout and Wu did far better than expected; Teachout looks to have pulled around 35.5 percent of the vote to Cuomo's 60. Wu did slightly better, 39 percent to Hochul's 60. The third gubernatorial candidate in the running, comedian Randy Credico, came away with about 4 percent of the vote.

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Confusing Mailers Almost Make It Look Like the New Yorker and the Times Endorsed Cuomo

Image via Rebecca Mead on Twitter
It's Primary Day, and Governor Andrew Cuomo has emerged at long last from hibernation. The governor is facing off in today's Democratic primaries against Zephyr Teachout, the Fordham law professor who, though she has a very slim chance at victory, has still given Cuomo a surprisingly uncomfortable few months. In the last week, the governor has finally begun actively campaigning, appearing in the last couple days at a rally in Times Square and at the Labor Day parade with Kathy Hochul, his pick for lieutenant governor, where they awkwardly tried to avoid making eye contact with Teachout or her running mate, Tim Wu, who were cheerily and persistently trying to introduce themselves, even as one of the governor's aides threw himself in their path, human shield-style. (After a video of the incident was widely circulated, Cuomo told a group of reporters the incident had been misinterpreted: "I never saw her.")

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Early-Summer Spike in Gun Violence Followed by Safest August in 20 Years

Categories: Crime

Joe Lhota via YouTube
Joe Lhota was wrong.
There was a moment back in June when CompStat computers kept spitting out calculations that showed gun violence on the rise and, gradually, a dark, sinking thought settled over the city: What if Joe Lhota was right and the streets of New York would be bathed in blood before summer was over? What if we chose...poorly?

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