Airport Workers Accused of Stealing a Shipment of New Kevin Durant Signature Sneakers

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"Kevin Durant Feb 2014" by Keith Allison - Flickr: Kevin Durant. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Two employees at JFK Airport have been charged with stealing a carton of 12 pairs of Oklahoma City Thunder basketball star Kevin Duran's latest line of sneakers.

Calvin Colain Nelson, 23, and Audley Russell, 47, both of Jamaica, Queens, have been charged with fourth-degree grand larceny and fourth-degree possession of stolen property for allegedly stealing, and trying to sell, Durant's yet-to-be-released "KD8" sneakers, which were passing through JFK from a Nike factory in Taiwan on their way to Ontario, Canada. The shoes, which will retail at $200 a pair, are scheduled to hit stores in July.

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There's Another Moron With a Laser Pointer in Our Midst

Categories: Lasers

Photo illustration Times Square photo credit/Boeing 747-700 credit
Yet another person in the New York area has been entertaining themselves by pointing a green laser at planes. The latest incident occurred Thursday night over Long Island, when four commercial jets were targeted. Even worse, the culprit - who we've dubbed the Green Flash-hole - is still on the loose.

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Manhattanhenge 2015: Here's Where to Watch the Sun Set

Categories: Weather

Manhattanhenge, 2014.
While you're breezing through Instagram this weekend, remember to check the #Manhattanhenge hashtag. The first of the twice-yearly event happens over two nights this weekend: At 8:12 p.m. tonight (half sun), and 8:12 p.m. on Saturday (full sun), along the east-west streets of the Manhattan grid.

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The MTA Debuts an $80,000 Video Game About the Second Avenue Subway

Categories: MTA

Alana Morales tests out the Second Avenue subway simulator on Wednesday at the MTA's information center.
The first phase of the Second Avenue subway might not be finished until December 2016, but a new video game simulator gives anybody the opportunity to drive through three new stations.

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New Yorkers Are Overpaying the MTA so New Jersey and Connecticut Commuters Can Ride

Categories: Transportation

By Elvert Xavier Barnes (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Commuters from New Jersey and Connecticut have been bleeding New Yorkers dry.
This week's report from New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer confirms what we've long known in our hearts — Connecticut and New Jersey are merely parasites feeding off of the greatest city in the world.

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Bronx Non-Profit Promotes Tech in Schools with Subway Ad Contest

Categories: Design, MTA

A Bronx-based non-profit called C/I wants to make sure that every student has access to computer science education — especially those who are deemed "at risk."

As part of its "Creative for a Cause" initiative, C/I teamed up with the online marketplace Fiverr, as well as the magazines Advertising Age and Creativity to put out a call for submissions for a subway ad promoting C/I's Code/Interactive program, which brings programming curriculum right into the classroom. At Internet Week New York, which took place in Manhattan from May 18-24, a panel of judges selected the winning design which, beginning in August, will appear on 350 subway platforms throughout the five boroughs.

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Check Out Some of the Late Mary Ellen Mark's Greatest New York Photography

Categories: Art

Mary Ellen Mark
Jeanette at a Carnival, Brooklyn, New York, 1978
Mary Ellen Mark, the documentary photographer best known in New York for her street scenes and portraits of the disenfranchised, died on Monday in Manhattan. She was 75.

Mark photographed her subjects documentary-style, for the most part in black-and-white. Her work has appeared in the New Yorker, Life, Rolling Stone, the New York Times Magazine, and Vanity Affair, among other publications.

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NYPD Watchdog's Report Shares Grim Tales of Arrest Quotas and Racism

Categories: NYPD

A man confronts a member of the NYPD on August 14 during a protest against police brutality. The author of a new report says he hopes it shows the less scrutinized aspects of broken-windows policing -- not the deaths at the hands of officers -- but the routine, low-level harassment.
Cop-watch group the Police Reform Organizing Project is releasing a report today that describes the effects of what it calls "quota-driven broken windows policing" on communities of color in New York City.

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What If New York Had No Rent-Regulated Apartments?

Categories: Real Estate

Wikimedia Commons
Apartments on Essex Street between Canal and Hester streets
Update: 5:17 p.m.
Mayor Bill de Blasio tried to instill a sense of urgency today in Albany, telling reporters (and indirectly, Governor Andrew Cuomo) that "this is a moment where we need that leadership" in order to get his agenda items passed. Regarding rent regulation laws set to expire on June 15, the mayor said, there are "a million rent-regulated units — over 2 million New Yorkers who live in them. Their fate is hanging in the balance. Whether we're going to have a steady supply of affordable housing in our city, or whether more and more people are going to be displaced. More and more people — unable to live in their neighborhoods, unable to live in the city they love. That's what's hanging in the balance on rent regulation."

De Blasio also said he talked with new Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan on the phone, but didn't meet him in-person.

The mayor seemed to take a passive-aggressive tact when asked about how he would get his rent-regulation proposals approved by the state Senate: "I think people all over the state are disappointed in Albany," De Blasio said. "And it's a chance for Albany to turn the page and do some things that will actually restore faith and energize people again.

"The numbers speak for themselves — 2 million-plus renters in New York City, 1.2 million school children. Let's think about their parents and extended family. That's going to be two, three, four million people easy. I don't know many leaders of the executive or legislative branch anywhere that ignore millions and millions of people and think it will not have a consequence. So, I believe we are in a functioning democracy. And the voices of the people will be felt very intensely here."

Original story is below:

Mayor Bill de Blasio will be in Albany today to nudge state legislators about a few of his agenda items, including extending and strengthening rent regulations. But a report released Tuesday by the Citizens Budget Commission — "Five Myths About Rent Regulation in New York City" — pushes in the other direction. What if they got rid of rent-controlled and -stabilized apartments altogether?

"To start from the beginning, if we had a perfect situation, we probably wouldn't create this bifurcated housing market," the CBC's Rahul Jain tells the Voice about his report. "We need to slowly phase it out for households that can afford market-rate units."

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New York Anti-Abortion Group Loses Fight Over 'Pro-Life' License Plates

Categories: Politics

Children First Foundation
The proposed license plate
If you oppose abortion rights — and do most of your politicking with the back end of your car — a ruling from a federal appeals court is about to ruin your day.

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Brooklyn-Born Senator Bernie Sanders Will Bring 'Flatbush Accent' to Presidential Race

Categories: Politics

Courtesy of
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders officially kicked off his presidential campaign on Tuesday night at a rally in Burlington complete with a zydeco band called Mango Jam and free Ben & Jerry's ice cream.

Sanders is a welcome addition to the list of Democratic presidential candidates, which includes Hillary Clinton and...Sanders. If he manages to overcome Clinton in the primaries, Sanders could be the first president from New York since Franklin Delano Roosevelt — and the first ever who hails from Brooklyn.

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'Are You Prejudiced?' Asked Faith 'n Stuff Magazine in 1994. Take the Quiz and See!

Categories: Studies in Crap

faith n stuff fall 94 playground.JPG
Your Crap Archivist brings you the finest in forgotten and bewildering crap culled from thrift stores, estate sales, and flea markets.

Faith 'n Stuff: The Magazine for Kids

Date: September/October 1994
Publisher: Guideposts

The Cover Promises: The Protestant youth of America, photographed at the last possible moment before the obesity crisis kicked in.

Representative Quotes:

Sometimes prejudiced people do terrible things, like when the Nazis in Germany — convinced that they were the supreme race — killed millions of Jews during the Holocaust.

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Nepalese Nail Salon Workers Want Fair Working Conditions -- and Lunch Breaks

Categories: Business, Health

Courtesy Center for Urban Pedagogy/ Adhikaar/Welcome Workshop
A page from "Healthy Salons for All," a pamphlet released in conjunction with Adhikaar
For the workers of New York City's 2,000 nail salons, the recent New York Times exposé on salon workers' lack of labor rights — and the subsequent calls for regulation at the state and city levels — have been game-changers. For Luna Ranjit and Adhikaar, the Nepalese social justice organization she directs, it's been a long time coming.

Ranjit, who testified at the City Council's first hearing on salon regulation earlier this month, helped found Adhikaar in 2005. On May 20, the organization released a report based on interviews with more than 200 Nepalese salon workers — 97 percent of whom were women — titled "Beyond the Polish." It found that a whopping 97 percent of respondents were paid a flat rate of $30–$70 a day, and that not a single worker had been given paid sick leave.

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View Historical Hip-Hop Locations Through the NY Public Library's OldNYC Mapping System

Categories: History

An intersection near the present-day Stapleton Houses, where members of the Wu-Tang Clan grew up, shown here in 1931
There are probably dozens of productive, no-nonsense, and thoroughly grown-up ways to use OldNYC, the New York Public Library's new interactive mapping system that overlays historical photographs of the city with their locations. But there are definitely more enjoyable ways to use it.

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Eataly Tells Customers It Was the Victim of a Four-Month Credit Card Data Hack

Categories: Crime, Food, Frauds

Photo credit: nathanmac87 via Compfight cc
Eataly is alerting customers who shopped at the upscale Italian market between January and April that their credit card information may have been compromised as a result of a security breach.

According to a notice posted on the Eataly website, customers who used a credit or debit card at the complex's "retail marketplace" between January 16 and April 2 may be affected.

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Pierre Simmons Collects Cans by Day and Plays Beautiful Piano by Night

Categories: Video, Work

Pierre Simmons, 62, spends his days picking up bottles and cans. He made $8 his first day. Then he met people who were "religiously" into picking up bottles and cans.

"I thought a lot of these people that did this were either drug addicts or homeless," he says. "But I was wrong." Simmons says he likes the job because "nobody tells me what to do, nobody tells me when I get paid." He's also a talented pianist. "Sometimes when I'm canning, and walking those distances, a song comes to me."

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Podcast: In Defense of Tomorrowland...and Judd Apatow

Categories: Film and TV

In this episode of the Voice Film Club podcast, LA Weekly's Amy Nicholson shares her story of Judd Apatow hate-following her on Twitter for a single day, but only after she and the Village Voice's Alan Scherstuhl discuss Tomorrowland, which is often surprising and beautiful. Remember to follow us on Twitter at @VoiceFilmClub and read all our interesting film and TV coverage at

Did Authorities in New York City Lose More Than 1,300 Confiscated Knives?

True gravity knives, like the one seen here, are virtually extinct on the modern market.
The following story has been updated to include a statement from the Manhattan district attorney's office.

Documents from the office of Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. show that a program used since 2010 to justify aggressive prosecution of New York's controversial gravity knife law was marked by dysfunction and was, in its most important respects, never completed, or even begun.

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DEA Agents Accused of Running Creepy Jersey Strip Club

Categories: Crime

Screen capture
Someone might be go-going to prison.
Before we rush to judgment, who among us hasn't run a secret strip club in violation of national security rules and knowingly employed undocumented workers and threatened people with a government-issued firearm? I mean, glass houses, right?

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Why Hockey Has to Rethink the Header

Categories: Sports

For something that went down at such an obscene hour EST — and that involved the other NHL conference final, i.e., not the Rangers' — the soccer-style header delivered by Chicago's Andrew Shaw in double OT against the Ducks sure attracted no paucity of New York buzz. The Times ran an explanation of the rule governing such a play. Islanders forward Michael Grabner, claiming ignorance of that proscription, saluted Shaw's effort nonetheless. And New York City FC midfielder Mix Diskerud seemed to dig it, which I know because I tweeted the clip to him and he favorited it — hooray! (The Rangers themselves might've stayed largely mum on the subject, at least on social media, but then they did have a Game 3 to prep for down in Tampa, and the whole state of Florida is still limited to 14.4 dial-up, I think.)

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