C'mon, You Call That 'Porn?'

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Leave it to the day of the final mayoral debate and a week before the mayoral election for the New York Post to turn prudish: The front page of the newspaper that literally leaves you dirty when you touch it screams "Dirty Trick" today. Under the subhead "Ferrer ad lewd diss to Mike & Bush," the Post suggests that Fernando Ferrer's "sexually provocative" latest ad, which depicts Mayor Bloomberg and President Bush chummily riding the same horse, shows the mayor giving the prez what can only be called a very special handshake:
    Then Bloomberg's right hand, which holds a wad of cash, moves up and down in a rhythmic motion below Bush's belt, as a grin crosses the president's face, and his arms and legs quiver momentarily. . . . The Bloomberg campaign cried foul, charging the commercial clearly shows the mayor performing a sex act on Bush. "It is disgusting and it is typical of the campaign run by Freddy Ferrer," seethed Bloomberg campaign spokesman Stu Loeser.

When Ferrer showed up at the 135th Street B/C station Tuesday morning to pitch a subway plan, WCBS-Channel 2's Marcia Kramer asked him to respond to charges that the ad was "pornographic." Ferrer played surprised and outraged: "That is sick. That's totally sick," he said. "Did they say that? That is ill. They are spending $100 million and they can't get their minds out of the gutter." Ferrer added that he thought Bloomberg, who has already dominated the airwaves, was trying to "get an even bigger advantage" by stomping on one of Ferrer's relatively few TV spots. And where better to do it than the tabloid that has already put Freddy on the cover in a dunce cap?

A Bloomber volunteer who showed up at Ferrer's event approached reporters to tell them that the ad was "childish." "It demeans the office of the mayor and it demeans the office of the president," said Everett Stembridge, a teacher. Asked if the spot was pornographic, Stembridge replied, "Yes, it could be construed that way because of the closeness of the characters and the hugging and the money."

Wow. You can watch the ad and judge for yourself if it is pornographic (and, as an aside, whether it actually says anything substantive about the state of the city). Seems to me that Mike merely tickles Dubya's tummy, and that the prez would have to be sufferin' from some anatomical anomaly for his "six-shooter" to be holstered way up there, if you get my drift. You can also check out the rest of today's Post—which opens up to the story "Woody: I'm Glad Mia Saw Nude Pix" and features Paris Hilton in a bunny suit on Page Six—for all the sexually suggestive news that's fit to print. And you can check out Gay Sex Flixx to see what some real gay porn looks like. Gale Force: Men's Room II? Now, that's porn.

(Some non-porn news: At today's presser, Ferrer said that the subways are one place where "we clearly see there are two New Yorks." Accusing Bloomberg of overseeing two fare hikes and being "asleep at the switch" on security, the Democrat pledged to fight to use the MTA surplus on improving stations, not the "election year gimmick" of holiday fare discounts. Neither Mayor Bloomberg nor would-be-Mayor Ferrer has direct authority over the subways; the most either can do is appoint people to the MTA board and use City Hall as a bully pulpit for changes.

Ferrer also reiterated his challenge to Bloomberg to make tonight's 7 p.m. debate on WNBC-Channel 4 not their last face-to-face meeting of the campaign, saying, "I hope that Mayor Bloomberg might feel emboldened by the debate, emboldened by his poll numbers," and agree to debate in all five boroughs. There's no way Mayor Mike will take that deal, but it's the second time in a week Ferrer has candidly embraced his underdog status in the polls, where he trails by around 30 points.)

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