Don't Fuck With Councilman Oddo in His Fuckin' Office!

Don't fuck with Councilman Jimmy Oddo in his office or he'll give you a beatdown like it was a Friday night on Father Capodanno Blvd and you just cut off his mint Monte Carlo Super Sport in your dad's shitty Cadillac.

When a Norwegian TV show tried to give the Staten Island Republican the Ali G treatment, Oddo goes bananas. It's priceless.

"I don't know what kind of fucking game you're playing but that's not the game I fucking play.. ..get the fuck out of my office before I beat the fucking shit out of you right now..." the Councilman screams as he takes off his jacket and looks to throw down (hopefully with some off-screen producers and not the female interviewer.)

Though this video has made more than one viewer perversely proud to be a New Yorker, Oddo told the Staten Island Advance that he's sorry he embarrassed his mother.

From the Advance:

"They wanted reality TV," Oddo said. "My reality is, if you come to my office to waste my time and goof on me, the Clintons, Barack Obama, I'm going to throw you out of my office.

"Am I sorry I embarrassed my mother, my constituents? Yeah, I am," he said. "Emotionally, those were the perfect words. Intellectually, they weren't."

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