Fave Cityblogger of the Week (I Know, It's Tuesday, But What Are The Odds?)

asshole.jpg"Hey asshole, I want my wheel back!" writes atom at Metblogs. "Thieves in NYC are blatant assholes. Especially thieves who steal bikes or bike parts. Today while I was working, my bike nestled down on the loading dock with all the other bikes, someone stole my rear wheel. Thank you asshole, you gave me a good reason to walk a lot of blocks to a bike store to get a makeshift wheel..."

Reverse snobs may be put off when atom starts talking about the high-end, almost artisanal wheel he lost ("a special hub that makes a bike with vertical dropouts... convert to a fixed gear or singlespeed using an off center ‘eccentric’ axle"). But come on, look at the guy. When was the last time you felt that alive?

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