Morning Read: Hospitals, Hooker Booker, More

mountsinai.jpgThe New York Sun reports that City hospitals are in bad shape, financially: "The median growth of hospital expenditures outpaced the median growth of hospital revenues." People haven't started sending their sick relatives to Bismarck General instead of Mount Sinai, nor is reduced quality of care suggested, but the Sun is troubled by our hospitals' reliance on diminishing investment income and government funding -- not to mention the strength of hospital workers' unions.

The lawyer for Tanya Hollander, who pleaded guilty yesterday in connection with the Eliot Spitzer case, told the New York Post that his client wishes to evade jail time and, in the spirit, adds that the former Governor "is at the very least a potential co-conspirator" in his (and, he no doubt hopes) the prosecution's) view.

The pedestrian esplanade on Broadway south of 39th Street is popular with both tourists and locals, reveals the New York Times, though local clothing designer Vicki Lee told reporter William Neuman, "You hear so many accidents of the cars going out of control and all they have here is plastic pots."

Ten-year-old Assam Naveed peddled his bike from the traffic divider into the "treacherous" intersection of Little Neck Parkway and Hillside Avenue in Queens, and was struck by a red Mercedes, reports the New York Daily News. He "clings to life."

Some kids knocked down the streetsign announcing Vincent M. Litto Place, named for a 9/11 Cantor Fitzgerald casualty, at the corner of Wainwright and Wilson Avenues in Staten Island Saturday night. His widow, who lives within sight of the downed sign, is still waiting for the City to put it back up, says the Staten Island Advance.

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