Golisano's Senate Picks: Mostly (and in NYC, Only) Same-Old

golisanoagain.jpgPolitics on the Hudson reports that Tom Golisano, one-man PAC, has made 39 Responsible New York endorsements for the State Senate. In general, he favored Democrats narrowly (25-22) and incumbents widely. But in New York City Districts, he favored Democrats widely (14-2), and only chose incumbents.

In City Districts (10-36, except 35), these were Golisano's picks:

District 10: Shirley Huntley (D) over Allan W. Jennings, Jr. (D). District 12: George Onorato (D) over Thomas F. Dooley (R). District 16: Toby Ann Stavisky (D) over Robert Schwartz (D) and Peter Koo (R). District 17: Martin Malave-Dilan (D) over Victor C. Guarino (R). District 18: Velmanette Montgomery (D) over Sandra Palacious-Serrano (R). District 19: John Sampson (D) over Godfrey Saks (R). District 20: Eric Adams (D) over Stephen A. Christopher (R). District 22: Martin Golden (R, unopposed). District 23: Diane Savino (D) over Richard Thomas (R). District 24: Andrew Lanza (R) over Joseph J. Pancila (D). District 25: Martin Connor (D) over Daniel Squadron (D) and John G. Chromczak (R). District 28: Jose Serrano (D) over Keesha S. Weiner (R). District 29: Tom Duane (D) over Debra Leible (R). District 30: Bill Perkins (D, unopposed). District 31: Eric Schneiderman (D) over Martin Chicon (R). District 34: Jeff Klein (D) over Daniel Fasolino (R). District 36: Ruth Hassell-Thompson (D) over Curtis Brooks (R).

He skipped nine local races, including Espada-Gonzalez in the Bronx and Addabbo-Maltese in Queens.

You can see the whole list (Word doc) here. It's hard to imagine how this status-quo list of recommendations suits Responsible New York's mission of "true political reform" and "a political movement to return Albany to its rightful owners" -- though if voters followed them scrupulously, it would probably ensure a Democratic majority, which would be some kind of change.

But as we have mentioned before, Golisano's motivation seems mainly to publicize himself as a bipartisan politican force. Disbursing endorsements -- and considerable funds, let's not forget -- among several campaigns in a spectacularly public way (in contrast to the quieter methods billionaires usually avail) would suit such an agenda.

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