Spitzer Hooker Booker Pleads Guilty

hollandersmile.jpgToday Tanya Hollander pleaded guilty "to conspiracy charges stemming from her participation in the Emperors Club VIP," per the North Country Gazette. Specifically, Hollander's conspiracy was to "promote, manage, and carry on an illegal prostitution business," whose services were availed, with disastrous results, by our former Governor Eliot Spitzer.

When the New York Post reported on Hollander's arrest on March 7, before most of us knew about her most famous client, she was described as "a nutritionist from upstate Rhineback" who was charged with "handling the day-to-day business" of the Emperors Club. All hell broke loose a few days later.

Now all four of the people charged in the case -- "ringleader" Mark Brener, Temeka Rachelle Lewis, and Cecil Suwal -- have pleaded guilty. (Ashley Dupré has been granted immunity by the US District Attorney.) We wait now to see if the DA will start moving up the chain.

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