Good Morning: September 19, 2008

ncavillones.jpgNew York Sun: Jerry Nadler pushes Congress to ensure tenants' right to have mezuzahs, crucifixes, and presumably pentagrams on their doors and doorways.

New York Daily News: Prison guards accused Bronx-born inmate Angel Martinez of attacking their fists with his face and rubs; Martinez studied law and, when released, brought charges; last week he won $1.4 million in damages.

New York Times: New York's August unemployment rate rose from 5 to 5.8 percent -- the biggest jump in 30 years.

NY1: City stops work on 10th Ave./41st St. subway station; says "neighborhood is already developed"; straphangers advocate wonders why current residents are less important.

Queens Crap: Henry Z. Steinway, 1915-2008.

photo via NCavillones (cc)

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