New Denny's Rock Moves include Hooburrito, Cornhole

dennysband.jpgDenny's so appreciated our coverage of their Allnighter program -- in which fledgling rock bands eat, and sometimes cook, food at their always-open chain restaurants -- that they sent us another press release. "We’re continuing to own the night in keeping with our rock ‘n roll heritage," says chief marketing and innovation officer Mark Chmiel, with new recipes from Taking Back Sunday (Melty Grilled Chicken and Sausage Quesadilla) and Hoobstank (the Hooburrito). Their site includes strange band videos made at Denny's, including one in which the lads of Four Year Strong play "Cornhole," a beanbag game, and eat heaping plates of eggs, meat, and shredded potatoes. The Morning Light announce, "We had a girl drink a cup of ranch dressing in exchange for a free brownie sundae." This can't possibly fail to attract new customers.

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