Barrett on Bloomberg: Where's His Second Term?

bloombergsmash.jpgUnlike us, reporting legend Wayne Barrett is no reflexive anti-Bloomberger, and admits the current Mayor's the best New York city or state official "I've covered in 31 years at the Voice."

But, says Barrett, "he's also the worst" -- that is, after a heroic first term, he became addicted to self-promotion and political intrigues. "Now, he's decided he wants a third term," says Barrett, "even though he still owes us a second."

Read Barrett's story here, and while you're in the Voice loop read Graham Rayman on the vicious killing of a teenager at Rikers, and Michael Musto on Ken Russell, Dan Savage on why a reader's dominatrix ended their relationship mid-session, Lynn Yaeger on Comme des Garcons at H&M, the latest "Indie Cribz" video with Amazing Baby's Will Roan, picture galleries, and whatever else catches your eye. It's all good and it's all free.

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