Staten Island Boy Beaten to Death by His Mother

sikulski.jpgA 30-year-old mother says she "lost it" and cracked her 10-year-old son's head into the wall of their Staten Island apartment, killing him, reports the Daily News. Melissa Sekulski also admitted to beating the child, Jaquan Porter, over the course of three years. A neighbor says Sekulski came to him around 7 p.m. on Friday, saying her boy had stopped breathing. "There was a lot of fluid coming out of his nose," he said. In a separate item the News includes overfeeding on "junk food" as part of Porter's abuse. "While the steady diet of fatty sweets that blew him up to nearly 250 pounds didn't kill him," three reporters say, "the constant physical abuse allegedly did." Sekulski has been arraigned on first-degree manslaughter charges.

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