Afghan Elections Delayed, Iraq Candidates Murdered

flames.jpgLet's look in on our brothers-in-democracy in the Middle East. Afghanistan has postponed its elections due to "security and logistical concerns," says CNN. This isn't a short-term thing: they were scheduled for May, and will now take place in August -- though a parliamentary spokesman says they're "unlikely" to be held until after Ramadan in September. President Karzai's term will expire meanwhile; the country's constitution suggests that the ailing, 82-year-old speaker of the upper house of parliament will take over, but folks there are talking about a provisional government.

Meanwhile in Iraq, provincial elections are scheduled for tomorrow, and not a moment too soon: three Sunni candidates for office were recently gunned down. A few others were killed previously. Sunnis boycotted the last election, but are expected to turn out for this one.

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