Lady Journalists Have Sex in New Book

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mpdunleavey.jpg"I was interested to learn that New York Times Cost of Living columnist M. P. Dunleavy enjoyed 'occasional anal sex' during her last long-term relationship." Us too, and if literary dames turn you on, you may be intrigued by Paula Derrow's review of Meredith Bryan's Behind The Bedroom Door: Getting It, Giving It, Loving It, Missing It, in which, Derrow tells us, Times contributor Pari Chang gets it on with her husband in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and Elle west coast editor Deanna Kizis "angrily screws a noncommittal boyfriend with a dildo." It's enough to make you want to go take a workshop again. Derrow feels differently: "This book failed to shake my conviction," she says, "that most women already talk too honestly and too much about sex." We doubt she's in the target market, though.

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