Nude Celebrity Amy Fisher in Nude Celebrity TV Show

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At last we have a celebrity nude of historical interest. It is announced that Amy Fisher, who years ago regaled us in the Long Island Lolita case that introduced the world to suburban lout Joey Buttafuoco and spawned a TV movie in which the star-crossed lovers were played, hilariously, by Alyssa Milano and Jack Scalia, is appearing in a pay-per-view program called "Amy Fisher: Totally Nude and Exposed." The program was actually released on January 12, but remains available and with the Daily News on the case, we can't sit on this story a moment longer. Fisher tells a publicist that "People have preconceived notions as to who I am based on the bad press throughout the years, but not until January 12th in my PPV 'Totally Nude and Exposed' will they see who I really am." Fisher was previously seen in a sex tape produced by her husband. (Photo via Hollywood Gossip)

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