Ex-Cop Held in Date-Rape; NYPD Lt. Kills Wife, Self

jarroyo.jpgJose Arroyo, 46 and retired from the NYPD, went to Doyle's Pub this weekend and there met a woman from Texas. After a drink with him, she says, she lost consciousness and woke up in a motel in Greenburgh, where she figured out Arroyo had taken her for sex. She also surmises that she had been drugged and assaulted unwillingly, and the police are holding Arroyo for that, though he says his relations with the woman were consensual.

In the course of an argument yesterday with his wife at their Long Island home yesterday, 19-year-veteran NYPD lieutenant Francis Cole stabbed and shot her to death. Then he smacked his daughter in the face, went upstairs, and blew his brains out. A neighbor called Cole, his wife and four children "an ideal family."

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