Comcast Pays Super Bowl Porn Viewers $10 Not to Say Anything

As you may have heard, Comcast customers in the Tucson area who were watching Sunday's Super Bowl were exposed, right after about James Harrison's spectacular pickoff, to 30 seconds of a transmission from adult cable station Club Jenna in which a female performer extricated a penis from a man's pants, and the man "shook some air" into the member before viewers were returned to the game. (Shown above, an obscured video of the cock-shaking action in situ; full-out porn version here.)

Be aware, America, that Comcast is "appalled this highly inappropriate material was displayed for some Comcast customers," believes it was "a malicious act of an isolated nature," and is investigating, as is KVOA, the local NBC affiliate, to whom Cardinals fan Lorraine Ferrick said the penile interlude made her "sick to my stomach" and that she wanted someone to go to jail for it.

Ms. Ferrick may or may not be satisfied to learn that she and all customers who have been "impacted" (their word) by the porn has been offered a $10 credit by Comcast, reports the Tucson Citizen.

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