New York Papers on the Budget: "Christmas," a "Decade of Pain"


Tax-and-spend Democratic rule is great! says the Daily News, which reckons that the President's recently-announced budget is "Christmas in February for New York." They say aid to "low-income, working families afford child care will effectively double," and so will food stamps, and block grants to communities will "grow by 25%." They quote Anthony Weiner and the head of the Center for an Urban Future in defense.

Tax-and-spend Democratic rule is awful! says the New York Post, which claims the "mammoth, $3.6 trillion budget" "INFLICTS A DECADE OF PAIN," and quotes an Ohio congressman, a market analyst who writes for the Wall Street Journal, and the head of a PR firm in opposition, but win the balance sweepstakes by quoting Peter Orzag, albeit selectively.

"Examine the Budget Document Yourself," says the New York Times, which helpfully lifts the President's budget statement. At over 130 pages, it's not likely to be much read by citizens, who may prefer to scan blogger summaries. RedState quotes an economist: "The taxing aspect of this is worse than Robin Hood." "This, for me, is pure awesomeness with a cherry on top," says enviro-blog Worldchanging of the "climate fairness" provisions. Power Line calls it "the beginning of the end" and laments its "higher taxes on the 'wealthy'" and its deficit spending, which had not bothered them much in the past ("Budget deficits are the effect, not the cause, of bad economic times"). "Finally a progressive budget," says Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich at his blog. "Pentagon Does Well with Obama Budget," says David Corn. "Some House liberals had been pushing for a cut in military spending to free up money for Obama's other priorities. He didn't hear them."

The Wall Street Journal editorializes that "Americans are only beginning to understand the magnitude of Mr. Obama's ambitions, and how much of their own income will be required to fulfill them," and predicts that unless Republicans somehow stop them, Americans will "discover in a year or two that they live in a very different country."

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