Coney: New Dig, Times Dis, Cyclone Opens Sunday

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Kinetic Carnival looks at Joe Sitt's big dig at Stillwell Avenue and the Boardwalk at Coney Island and wonders what's up. Captain Nemo's readers speculate: new supports for the Boardwalk? Tents? A "Dream Land Amusement Park" is announced by lamppost sign for part of the blighted property. Gowanus' Bell House hosts a Fight For Your Right to Coney event Tuesday. The Times' City Blog drops a nasty note about "a certain type of New Yorker" who "would be thoroughly pleased to drink a beer at Rudy's and smell the dead pigeons washed up on the strand beneath the boardwalk." (They mean Ruby's.) And the Cyclone opens for business, complete with Marty Markowitz egg-cream christening, on Sunday. Image (cc) Dietrich.

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