No Mob Bones About It

gravedigger.jpgThe FBI has given up -- at least for now -- digging for old wiseguy bones at a mob burial ground on Long Island.

The FeeBees spent three days this week shoveling away at a spot in East Farmingdale where a tipster had told them more bodies were buried -- to no avail.

Last fall, spade work by the bureau at the same site unearthed the remains of William "Wild Bill" Cutolo, victim of a 1999 rubout by Colombo crime family rivals. This was something of a surprise to the feds since, as reported (sorry, it's pay-per-view, but well worth the modest entry fee), federal prosecutors had already insisted in a Long Island court that Cutolo's body was dumped in the ocean.

The feds were back at the site this week on advice of a new informant.

FBI spokesman James Margolin told the Associated Press that they'll study aerial shots and reinterview the

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