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The American military presence in Afghanistan costs about $16 billion a month. What are we getting for the money? "Afghaniscrewed: How I Spent My Fall Vacation" by P.J. Tobia.

When Alan Hevesi was the city's, then the state's comptroller, Jack Chartier and Hank Morris were his "two loyal gatekeepers," says Tom Robbins. Last week "the comptroller's gatekeepers, we learned, were collecting their own tolls."

"The 39th Edition of 'New Directors/New Films'" by Nick Pinkerton introduces our coverage of the MOMA/Lincoln Center festival's 2009 edition, including interviews with We Live in Public director Ondi Timoner (John Anderson), Can Go Through Skin director Esther Rots (Nicolas Rapold), Treeless Mountain director So Yong Kim (Melissa Anderson), Cold Souls director Sophie Barthes (Anthony Kaufman), and The Cove director Louis Psihoyos (John Anderson).

"I got jokes on my album about niggers, I got jokes about crackers -- and I think those jokes that make humor of somebody else's culture, in a way, they bring us together... Even though the cartoon does show the monkey with two holes in his chest like they killed him -- it's kinda bad, but at least they're joking," says MF Doom to Philip Miynar.

"When I went in and sat down at one of the rickety tables in the dark, rusticated interior [of Rockmeisha], I felt like I was in Japan," says Robert Sietsema. Then he tried the noodles.

Michael Musto spends a little time on Plato's Retreat, then announces, "That will be the last reference here to any project involving heterosexual sex for at least two paragraphs." And he makes good!

Two giants of American letters, John Leonard and John Updike, received grand sendoffs from the New York literary community this month. Zach Baron attended both and adds his own eulogies.

In Music: Larry Blumenfeld on the Afro-Cuban All-Stars, Richard Gehr on Lukas Ligeti, Dennis Romero on Joris Voorn.

In Theatre: Michael Feingold on The Good Negro, Incident at Vichy, Blithe Spirit, 33 Variations and Humor Abuse; James Hannaham interviews Christopher Durang.

In Dining: Sarah DiGregorio visits the Qoo Robata Bar.

In Art: Robert Shuster reviews "Krazy! The Delirious World of Anime + Manga + Video Games" at the Japan Society, Yohei Nishimura at Cavin-Morris, and "Totally Rad" at the Museum of Art and Design.

Plus: Ask a Mexican, Free Will Astrology, and Letters.

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You also have to question his motives - why did he go to Afghanistan not Iraq. If he was looking for good reporting then Iraq was a better place but if he wanted to have a puff of opium then of course Afghanistan is the right choice. Which leave the question... Did he bring some home?


 Do you really buy these lies from P.J Tobia. He is a disgraced, despicable lair writing false articles about people. He has been hit with lawsuits a few times.Just Google him. Tobia Nashville or Texas.You could be buying liability rather than reporting. Check him out.

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