D/s Jews Hold "Kinky Seder" in Brooklyn Sunday

Pesach is upon us. KinkyJews, an organization whose mission is "to bring together like-minded men and women who define both kink and Judaism as central components of their identity," will hold its 4th Annual Kinky Seder on Sunday at Club Casbar in Brooklyn. The Forward gamely interviews the founder, who says that the event provides "an additional perspective when we relate to the concepts of bondage, slavery and redemption of the Passover story, since these are common themes in our relationships and sexual expression." The author of the Kosher Sutra finds the event disrespectful, but is down with "the very sexual nature of Passover" -- which is news to us, as was the drunkenness of Purim. We're obviously hanging with the wrong Jews. Image via KinkyJews.

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