Cocaine Cunnilingus Cop Firing Upheld

In 2006 NYPD pilot Dan Goldin, was suspended without pay after a positive cocaine test. He argued that he had "passively ingested" the coke while eating out girlfriend Coreen McCarthy (pictured, we think? We like to think, anyway), of whose drug habit he was unaware. The NYPD didn't go for it, and fired him. Goldin took it to Manhattan Supreme Court, and it has been unsealed and revealed that Judge Eileen Rakower has found against him and he remains dismissed from the force. Experts say the amount of coke detected in his hair sample was "four times the amount" that would have been picked up in such accidental contact as Goldin described. Tsk; should have gone with the "she told me it was lidocaine" defense, despite the less flattering picture it draws.

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