New York Baseball Grows Contentious

"Slice and binge ya like a license ninja," observes this St. Louis rapper to some punks from New York. "Yo Tell Me How New York Got Bodied By St. Louis," concurs a colleague. This is timely, as the Cardinals swept the Mets this week, with Albert Pujols punching two home runs in yesterday's game. The Metropolitans are now 6-9 and will try to staunch the flow at Citi Field this weekend with the Nationals. Adding to the tension level is the upcoming first Red Sox-Yankees series of the year, about which Get Out of My Ballpark kicks it more schooly: "I will pay $100 to the man (or woman, those bitches can be nasty) who makes Teixeira cry. It's just too bad that Douche-Rod is going to miss this one because he is too busy making out with a mirror image of himself." Both teams are at 9-6. If we could afford it, we'd purge some of our negative energy with baseball this weekend. As it is, we'll just do more yelling on the internet.

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