Morons Plot to Bomb Synagogues, Are Apprehended

Four Black Muslims wanted to blow up four* synagogues in Riverdale -- or maybe just "detonate explosives near" them; it isn't clear -- and possibly other targets. They also wanted to shoot missiles at military aircraft at Steward International Airport near Newburgh, New York. To this end, the men bought a disabled anti-aircraft missile launcher and disabled explosives from an FBI plant. Clearly these fellows were not destined for greatness in the terror game; the Feds had been onto them for about a year.

Favorite quote from the Times: "A federal law enforcement official described the plot as 'aspirational' -- meaning that the suspects wanted to do something but had no weapons or explosives."

*Update: Now the Times says it was two synagogues, and amNY and NY1 say it was one.

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