Somebody Got Murdered: Knifing in the Bronx UPDATE


Yesterday we told you about a fatal stabbing in a Bronx park.

It took police less than 48 hours to make an arrest in the murder of 23-year-old Nimzay Aponte (right) at St. Mary's Park in the Bronx.

This morning, detectives from the 40th Precinct arrested Raymond Dennis, 35, also of the Bronx, in connection with the slaying Tuesday of Aponte, and the stabbing of another man. Dennis is charged with murder, illegal weapons possession and assault.  

Friends of the slain woman, who had two children, told News 12 Long Island that she was followed to the park by a boyfriend, likely Dennis, who was enraged to see her with another man. The friends say she was not involved romantically with the second man. The boyfriend, her friends claimed, had previously threatened to kill her.

On Aponte's Facebook wall, a friend of hers, writing in Spanish, mourned her loss. "Nimzay, We will miss you," the friend wrote. "May God have you in his grace."

Aponte included 10 photos of herself on her Facebook website. Several of them appear to have been taken near the very spot in St. Mary's Park where she was fatally attacked:


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