Eliot Spitzer Had Sex With 100 Prostitutes! (More or Less)

Eliot Spitzer's comeback is going great: the Associated Press thinks we'll be interested to know how many times the former governor patronized prostitutes. And they're right! A lawyer for Temeka Lewis -- one of those "hooker bookers" who enlivened the news back in Client 9 days, and who as a cooperative witness was sentenced to one year's probation today -- says Spitzer saw the girls with "regularity." How regularly, the eternal adolescent sexuality of America wants to know? The mouthpiece teases: it was "more than sporadic." More than a dozen? "He nodded his head," AP reports. In any case Lewis has testified that Spitzer was patronizing call girls under her authority for a year and half, and the Daily News says the total equals a "mini-harem." So let's just say that, while Spitzer wasn't threatening Wilt Chamberlain, we can safely lowball the figure at -- well, how big's a harem? Abdul Hamid II's contained 1,000 women? So let's say 100. It's a nice round number and will fit well in future Republican rap songs. Photo via LI Biz Blog (Old).

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