More Uses for Twitter: Assassination Scheme Recruitment

Thanks to the miracle of social media we have FuckObama, a twitter stream featuring the picture at left as an avatar. Recent tweets:

  • I honestly don't know what to do anymore, Obama is changing the face of America so quickly and without regard.

  • #unfollowdiddy because he is a relentless liberal who's level of education rivals a three year old.

  • @BarackObama Once again, your idiotic marxist ideologies make my blood boil of anger.

  • Start a business! Don't give into socialism! No Complacency! #business

  • @barackobama FUCK YOUUUU!!!!!!!

  • Your president is slowly (and diligently) taking away capitalism away. You can kiss America goodbye if we don't stand up together.
You know what to do, tweeps!

Meanwhile: Obama-is-a-Nazi fun here. (h/t Dave Weigel. To be fair, it's LaRouchies.) Obama-is-a-Muslim here. Obama-is-a-Communist here. Obama-is-a-False-Prophet (says Jon Voight!) here. Etcetera ad nauseum.

Update: Now he's taken the photo down. But he still wants you to fight socialism with VistaPrint.

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