"Nude Patch" Allows Uncensored, Nipple- and Penis-Free Sims


We don't know much about much, and we know even less about gaming. So we were taken aback to learn that 1.) Popular alternative reality franchise The Sims 3 does not allow characters to be nude without fuzzing-over their breasts and genitals (unlike, it seems, Second Life); 2.) Someone took the time to develop a "nude patch" that would circumvent this filter and allow full-on Sim nudity; and 3.) Though we expected they would look something like this, the unclothed and uncensored female Sims have no nipples and the males have no genitalia. Though gaming bloggers are humorous on the subject ("This should be great news to anybody who hasn't heard of pornography or sex"), the product obviously addresses some sort of real need. Is there a name for this fetish, or does "Barbie" cover it?

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