Bronx Dean Accused of Molesting Student, Title of First Novel Won't Help

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From Teacher of the Year to accused kid-toucher in all of two years. At least no one can say Jonathan Huff's career track hasn't been ambitious.

Yesterday, Huff, a 40-year-old high school dean in the Bronx, was arrested and charged with molesting one of his 14-year-old students. Police say it happened Saturday at the all-boys Urban Assembly Academy for History and Citizenship for Young Men; that's where Huff allegedly lured the teenager into his office and touched him over his clothes.

Huff, in addition to being a dean and 2007 Teacher of the Year at his school, is a part-time actor and writer; in 2008 he had a book published under the name Bradley Huff called Alone Boy whose protagonist is -- wait for it -- a 14-year-old boy. Huff has also posted his resume on a website for people trying to land jobs on private islands; he lists among his interests, "Youth."

NY1 talked to a few of Huff's students and they're shocked by the arrest of a guy they say wouldn't seem capable of molesting a student. The Post meanwhile is exercising its usual level of tactful restraint. Its headline: "'Perv' Dean in HS Sex Bust."

Although for a good laugh, check out the link directly beneath the Huff story on the Post's website. The one that reads, "Do you know someone who has made New York a better place?"

Sometimes the comedy gods throw one right over the plate.

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He was my teacher and an incredible teacher might I add. Huff if your READING this, its Willie colon. I will never forget you. thank you for everything you've taught me.I am a better person because of u ! Much love and respect to u! I despise how the media outlets tried to make you into this monster, when you are far from! You have helped many of us at uaahc while i was there 6 years ago!

Look forward to reading another one of your pieces. Love u brother


Fast foward 20 years and my brother has had his fair share of problems. He deals with alcohol, gambling and drug addiction. This is a very sad story.

Brad, when you read this, you know who I'm talking about. You may not have done anything to my little brother, he refuses to talk about it. But if you did, you messed him up bad. I'm sure you've messed many other little boys up. This whole thing makes me sick. Come to my house, let's talk about this. You know who I am, I live in Grand Rapids now. How many lives have you ruined?


I know this guy.  He used to go by the name Brad Huff.  When he was in college he used to hangout with my little brother who was in 5th, 6th and 7th grade.  They hung out ALL the time, he even spent the night at my house, sleeping in my little brother's room.  My brother stayed the night at his apartment quite a few times as well.  I think my parents thought he was a mentor for my brother.  The strange thing is how much my brother changed in those few years.  In the 5th grade my little brother was a happy, cute little boy who loved sports.  By the end of the 7th grade, my brother was angry and did not spend time with any of his original friends.  My mom asked Brad (he goes by John now I guess) if he knew why my little brother got so angry and unhappy in just a few short years.  Brad claimed he didn't notice a difference, and he never talked to my mom again.  How could someone not notice a difference in someone who he spent all his time with?

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