Hiram "Slash' 'Em Up" Monserrate Waives Right to Jury Trail

monserrate.jpgHiram Monserrate, the state senator accused of mashing a broken glass into his girlfriend's face, has waived his right to a jury trial. Some find this odd because the judge, Justice William M. Erlbaum of State Supreme Court in Queens, has not been favorable to Monserrate's pre-trial motions heretofore. But the disgraced Queens politician may feel the circumstantial evidence of his alleged crime -- including surveillance video of him manhandling girlfriend Karla Giraldo as she appears to attempt to seek rescue from him -- and his admitted history of mental disturbance are more likely to be soberly weighed in the proper legalistic manner by a judge than my citizens, who tend to be swayed by such things. The trail will start on September 21.

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