Totally Bogus Hooker Catfight Ends Spitzer Comeback Fraud, For Now

The sad, pre-Labor-Day-Weekend end of the Spitzer comeback scam can be seen in today's Post with the ritual humiliation of Ashley Dupre. The former Spitzer sex worker had portrayed the women who judge her as little better than prostitutes themselves, and today, following a lede that actually begins "Rrrrrrrrr-oww! The claws came out," she is excoriated by a couple of women the Post managed to interview. But they don't have much to say for themselves, nor is there any actual hissing or spitting. One calls her statement "offensive" and another says "I totally disagree," but neither offers a convincing counter-argument to her perhaps Swiftian jibes. And a few Post subjects are in agreement with the former escort. One says there is "many a story" that goes like this: "When you move to the city, you meet rich, 40-year-old guys who buy you drinks and offer to put you up in a hotel room. They are not giving you direct cash, but you're getting things for sleeping with them." Her name is "Autumn," or so she tells the Post, or the Post tells us, and we think she ought to have her own column.

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