Crazy Yankee Chick: Where the Wild Things Are Not

Maybe I was just oblivious to it all the other years, but for some reason, it seemed like whenever booth announcers were short on talking points, they defaulted to the current Wild Card playoff system. Everyone had an idea on how to best construct the postseason process so as to best preserve fairness for all parties involved.

I've touched on the subject before, but to be clear, I hate the Wild Card. I liken it to studying for weeks for a test, only to have someone who crammed the night before ace it and screw up the curve. They're not breaking the rules, but somehow it dwarfs the blood, sweat, and tears you've put into your efforts for a more extensive stretch of time.

What's worse, people who cram often just nail it. They got all this addrenaline from pulling an all nighter, all the information is right in the forefront of their minds, and they just carry that right into the exam room. Similarly, 3 Wild Cards have won the World Series in the last 7 years, and the logic behind that isn't too complicated.

Ah, but not this year. Colorado just lost the NLDS to the defending champion Phillies (the only division series that wasn't a sweep), and with the Sux being punted into the offseason on Sunday, the playoffs belong to the Official Best Teams in Baseball.

It's weird, but refreshing. Like a few years ago when the NCAA brackets came down to the four #1 seeds. What? No 12-seed/5-seed upsets? No Cinderella story? What the hell, tourney? You're actually going to make us manufacture an emotional investment in a team like UCLA? WHERE'S GONZAGA?!

So, now what do you do? No one's rooting for the Phillies except Philly fans, because maybe they had the fairy tale underdog tag last year (that somehow miraculously superceded their E-A-G-L-E-S association), but this year, they're satanic because they won last year. And next to death and taxes, the only thing you can count on is a reigning champ to repel any kind of peripheral favor and support.

These are the types of things I think about when I got a 4 day stretch of no baseball ahead of me.

You'd think I'd take a little bit of a hiatus from this obsessing, but no dice. I'm like Leonardo DiCaprio in the Basketball Diaries when he's all twisted up and fiending for more of whatever drug he was doing.

(I saw this movie when I was, like, 15 years old or something because I thought it'd be nice little sports movie. Very scarring experience, but now I liken my fits and shakes of baseball withdrawal to the freaky ones portrayed in this cinematic inferno.)

But I can make it. I've already experienced the longest bye of my life, from January 20 to Feburary 3 of 2008.

And that was well, well worth it.

So here's the roundup of Day 1 of "The Calm Before the Storm"...

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