Crazy Yankee Chick: Finally! Some Trash-Talking I Can Sink My Teeth Into...

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First, there was Minnesota. Then it was Anaheim. And, of course, through it all, there's always the good laugh at Boston's expense.

And while I'm well-versed in spitting vitriol at New England, I'm less inclined to do the same for a midwest city that's never really done wrong by me, or a west coast one that manages to only incite lukewarm animosity despite their historical penchant for destroying the Yankees.

But now, NOW, the Yanks got Philly on their plates.

Dear Diary,
Love, CYC

The Top 9 Reasons Philly is Ridiculous and Pathetic...

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1. Jimmy Rollins .

Jimmy Rollins thinks he is a rapper. I know I should find this type of thing hilarious at best/eyeroll-inducing at worst, but this whole practice drives me batty. Who was the insidious mastermind behind this rumor, that fame entitles the bearer to music-career-carte blanche? Is it like a prerequisite?

Like how doctors have to acquire CME credits every so often? Do famous people have to log in some recording session hours in order to renew their celebrityhood every year?


You can listen to "Wishlist" with the above mp3 file, but be warned that it sounds like a parrot on a synthesizer reciting Dr. Seuss:

When I was young I never had a big wish list,

A bat and ball is all I wanted for Christmas,

In '78 a star was born,

In 2001 his career was on.

Ugh. Didn't think he could find an even more aggravating vehicle to run his mouth off, but I stand corrected.

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