Monserrate Guilty of 1 Misdemeanor in Slash Trial, Won't Lose Senate Seat

monserrateleftnew.jpgWhile we were all chasing balloons, Hiram Monserrate more or less got off: in his girlfriend-slashing trial Monserrate was found guilty only of one misdemeanor assault charge. He was looking at felonies, which would have made him subject to removal from the state senate, so this is a big win for the legislator. He'll be sentenced on December 4.

Monserrate was arrested in December after he and his girlfriend Katy Giraldo turned up at the hospital, Giraldo suffering from cuts on her face from a broken glass allegedly wielded by the senator. He claimed it was an accident and Giraldo backed him up. Monserrate was stripped of a senate chairmanship after he was charged; maybe now he's get it back. Forget it, Jake, it's Albany.

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