Good News for the Holiday: Vada Vasquez Recovering Well

vvasquez.jpgDue to the impending holiday, we join with everyone else in celebrating the miraculous recovery of Vada Vasquez, the 15-year-old who was shot in the head last week by stray gunfire during an altercation among young thugs, with which 16-year-old Carvette Gentile is charged. Vasquez, who had been comatose, had the bullet removed from her brain in a three-hour operation at Lincoln Hospital in The Bronx. She is now able to speak, and is expected to make a "full functional recovery," according to her doctor.

Tyrone Creighton, the 19-year-old also shot in the incident that wounded Vasquez, has been released from the hospital. Good news all around! We now return to backbiting and celebrity nudes.

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